Friday, February 21, 2014

Highlights of the Week

Happy Friday Friends!!
Hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.
The best parts of my week were...

1. Heading to Indiana for the long weekend and seeing lots of family and friends.
My sister + my Mom + me being sneaky together
2. I got to help plan and then attend my dad's SURPRISE retirement party last weekend.  It was one of the best surprises I've helped pull off in a long time.  Retirement for my dad = kicking off his next campaign for Sheriff of Spencer County, Indiana!!

3. I tried several new recipes that are keepers this week.
 You can find the recipe here and
  check back in a few days for the salad recipe!

4. Olive is on the move!  She's dying to crawl and it's amazing how much better she's getting at moving each day.  Oh and she might have figured out how to give a thumbs up too :)

5.  I definitely won the grandparent lottery when I married Kevin.  He's got 4 of the greatest grandparents!!  We got to have lunch with all of them right before we left town and it was so nice.  They doted on Olive and on us.  They asked us tons of questions, wanted to hear an update on our lives and passed Olive around.  Grandma + Nana were thinking alike because they both showed up with our favorite cookies and a toy for Olive to keep us entertained on our 7 hour drive back to Arkansas!  We sure are lucky to have them.   
My Finish this statements of the week...
I plan on buying...
a good pair of tweezers in the near future because mine are shot.

I give LOFT five stars because...
 their clothes are stylish, high quality and I love shopping their sales.

I felt courageous when...
I survived getting the WORST haircut of my life.

I feel about swimsuit shopping like I do...
about going to the dentist.  A necessary evil :)  Actually I love finding a great suit and wear it for several seasons and I know I need to go to the dentist but I always dread it due to my "soft teeth" that always seem to need some type of money thrown at them.
Hope you have a great weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like a really fantastic week, Whitney!! So glad you got to enjoy time with family and friends! Your lit'l Olive is so precious!! ... Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    PS: I just noticed that I wasn't following you {although I've been visiting each Friday via the link ups} ... just fixed that and joined you via GFC! Looking forward to enjoying all of your posts now! ;)

  2. You had a busy week! How special about your Dad - a surprise party sounds like so much fun! I'm sure he loved showing Olive off to everyone too :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. Our daughters look just about the same age! She's darling :)

    Stopping by from insta-friday!

  4. How beautiful is Olive! Look at her posing for you in that first picture of her. And that "Wanted" picture of your dad is so awesome. I bet the party was a blast. I hope you have a great weekend babe, xo!

  5. Your daughter is so cute! :) It'll be hard to get pictures of her because she moves so much soon! Can't wait for the salad recipe! Stopping by from the Little Friday Linkup!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  6. We think we have some pretty special grand children too, and we are so proud of them. And of course we love our precious little Olive to death...Love Grandma

  7. Sounds like you had a great week girl!! Your recipes look so good! I am going to have try them out!


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