Friday, February 21, 2014

Kicking off the Campaign!!

Today is a big day for my Dad.  He's retiring from his current position of Chief Deputy and kicking off his next campaign.  I know he feels sentimental about retiring.  I'm confident that he'll have the next few months to focus hard on his campaign and that he'll be elected as the new sheriff in November.

He's got quite the resume for the last 38 years... 
Indiana State Police
Warrick County Sheriff
Warrick County Chief Deputy
Running for Spencer County Sheriff

We threw him a surprise party last weekend to celebrate his career 
and to kick off his campaign :)

 We distracted him all day long (Panera, Marshalls, Sams, lunch & babysitting) and tried to be sneakier than ever.  He was clueless and didn't pick up on any of our slip ups :)  I even tricked him into dressing up saying I wanted to take some cute grandparent pictures.  Worked like a charm.
We all went to church and then scattered our separate ways.  He made plans with some couple friends, we invited family and friends to a local restaurant and then SURPRISE!!

 My mom gathered pictures and snuck things out of his office for the party.
My sister made a tower of delicious cupcakes - I'm dreaming of her yellow + chocolate ones.
 Kevin's parents were there too!

If you live in Spencer County, be sure you are registered to vote for this guy!!!
Heilman for Spencer County, IN Sheriff!!!
74 days until the primary election
259 days until the general election


  1. How exciting for your Dad! Good luck to him!! :)

    Amanda // Happily Ever After

  2. I was hoping you'd post pictures! So cool! Good luck to him!


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