Monday, February 3, 2014


Olive woke up one morning and I noticed her collar bone looked red when I was feeding her.  So I went to put on some lotion and realized she was covered in a red splotchy RASH!  She'd had a few little mild eczema spots that I'd been putting lotion on but she was broken out all over her torso!!  I panicked a bit because she normally has lovely baby skin and hasn't had any skin troubles to date.  It was my first time ever dealing with a RASH of any kind on her.

She was acting fine and didn't have a temp.  I called her doctor's office and got put on hold, tried to call my sister and called my husband at work.  I texted him pictures and he thought we should make her an appointment with her doctor.   I called the office again, left a message for the nurse, she called back and she was able to get us into an appointment that same day.

I tried to think of anything I'd done differently for Olive and tried to keep her comfortable.  She uses Aveeno lotions and shampoos which are supposed to be great for baby skin, I didn't change detergent and she hadn't tried any new foods.  She was in good spirits so we just played and waited for her appointment.

In true first time parent fashion, Kevin came home from work early and we took her to the appointment together.  We were both concerned so it was nice for all of us to go.  Olive didn't get to see her regular pediatrician but another nice doctor in the same practice had an appointment open for her.  

They did a little run down to rule things out:
No temp
No known allergies
No exposure to anything new
Negative Strep Test

Probably just fighting off a little virus

The doctor told us to keep an eye on her and it would probably run its course it a few days.  We were told to come back if she spiked a fever or if the rash got worse/didn't go away.  We felt relieved and Olive was mad we made her get a strep test.  I tried to explain that she wasn't getting any shots but she cried when any of the nurses came near her.  I guess she's figured out that nurses = shots based on our prior visits.  
I'm happy to report that Olive woke up the next morning and she was almost 100% back to normal.  I have been continuing her Aveeno lotion, using less baby soap during bath time, doing extra rinses to get off any soap residue and treating her mild eczema spots on her arms 2-3 times a day with lotions.

I realize that this is by no means a major health scare or a crisis but it sure felt like it at the time!!  I am so thankful she was fine and that we were able to see a doctor that day.  It makes me very thankful to have a healthy baby and I've found myself saying prayers for parents of sick kiddos this winter.


  1. Poor baby! So glad you got it looked at and she's doing better. I think the scariest thing about stuff like this is not knowing what caused it.

  2. Clay had a rash like that last fall over the weekend. Of course I freaked out but our peds office has a great nursing staff so we eliminated anything serious over the phone.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad! It's scary when the littles have strange rashes. My daughter had a weird one a few weeks ago, and it was hard to not call the pediatrician. Instead we waited it out for a day, and sure enough it went away. We chalked it up to a heat rash (she's got super sensitive skin).

  4. Our kids have patches of eczema and I use Neosporin Eczema Daily Mosturising Cream. It is similar to Aveeno but everyone know Neosporin heals the skin quick! We've seen great progress and don't have to use it as frequent as we have used others.


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