Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday!!

 The HIGHLIGHTS of my week were:

1. We tried out David's Burgers for our date night this week and it was delicious!!  The burger was so tasty, cooked perfectly and who wouldn't love unlimited lemonade and fries.  I'm happy to report that I only refilled my lemonade :)

2. I managed to get 2 haircuts this week.  One that was hideous and one that I LOVE.  
Let's just call this hair-ma-geddon 2014! 
You can read about the whole hairy ordeal here.

3. I made a candy wreath for a friend this week and sent her a little February care package.  I loved the way it turned out!!  Go here for my tutorial.

4. We got some ice this week and no snow.  We had nowhere to be so we just got to stay home and enjoy the frosty view.  We were thankful to never lose power.  I'm also thankful that my husband is back from a bit of traveling this week.  I was worried he'd get stuck in Ohio with all of the snow but he got out just in time.

 5. I made working out a priority this week, didn't let myself make excuses to avoid it and exercised every day!!  I have found that I'm happier, more pleasant and in a better mood if I make time to exercise even for 30 minutes.  Olive went on a nap strike for a few days this week so I had her join in.  I'm sure Jillian Michaels would be proud of our team work.

Weekly Finish This:
I will never outgrow...
loving to eat mac & cheese and fruit snacks.
I will splurge on...
Kate Spade.
My {lack of} passport represents...
the fact that I've spent a lot of time traveling in the US rather than outside the US.
My most ridiculous fear is...
being in {another} car accident
or a close second is turbulence = plane crash

My favorite thing to give is...
baked goods and handwritten cards.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hey,

    Stopping by from Alissa's coffee date :) loved reading your post , How are you finding the Jillian Micheal DVD ?? I was thinking of buying one .. I hope you have a great weekend, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Claire xo

  2. Thanks for joining the Friday's Fab Favorites link up! I'm a co-host this week and I'm trying to read every post! Good for you on working out every day - it's so hard to stick to it in the Winter!

  3. Loving the new haircut! And unlimited fries and lemonade?? Sign me up! Yum!

  4. Visiting from the link up. So I just read through your entire hair ordeal! I hate when I go in excited for a hair cut and it's not what I was expecting at all! Love the re-do cut.

  5. (I'm over from Alissa's Coffee Date)

    Unlimited lemonade? Sign me up!

    Great job on all the exercising this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Jillian's DVD - is it worth purchasing?

  6. Endless fries? I don't even need a burger, just give me some endless ketchup and I'm happy. =) It's awesome that you have date night btw. Love that!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Glad you ended up with a cute you love! Super cute candy wreath! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!

  8. Your candy wreath is so cute! It's such a good idea too. By the way, I agree Jillian Micheals would be proud! Have you done the 30 day shred or her yoga meltdown? Both are awesome.


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