Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby LOVE Art

I wanted to commemorate Olive's 1st Valentine's Day by doing an art project.  I figure anything involving tiny baby hand prints and foot prints would be a winning idea.  I've done her hand/foot prints before but it was definitely trickier with an 8 month old :)  We stuck with it and it was so much fun!!

Supplies needed:
A canvas panel - Wal-Mart sells this 3 pack for $5.97
glitter - Dollar Tree
wide brush and a sponge brush
pink paint - $.59 at Walmart
a small container to pour paint into - baby food jar
a Bumbo seat is really helpful
paper towels
and a BABY :)
 Olive woke up from her nap and I put her in the best painting outfit possible - 
a diaper & a headband :)
Then I let her check out the supplies.
 She was thrilled to get started!!
 I painted her hand first and this proved to be the trickiest part.
Once it was painted she made a fist and refused to open it :(
I distracted her by giving her yogurt bites and she eventually opened her hand.
I pressed the canvas against her hand and then she wiggled.
So her tiny hand print ended up a little swipey but that's real life folks :)
Wash off her hand, feed her more yogurt bites and then pick a foot to paint.
Press the canvas against her foot, clean it and repeat with the other foot.
Her feet were less wiggly in the Bumbo seat so it worked perfectly.
 Neither of us ended up with paint on us and we were both smiling at the end.

I painted a cursive L and e to spell out LOVE :)
I did a practice run with the letters to get the shape correct.

 We let it dry for a few hours.
 Then it was time to add some glitter POLKA DOTS :)
 I dipped the end of a marker in the pink paint and covered it in red or pink glitter.
I let it sit for at least an hour and then dumped the excess glitter into the trash can.
Well it was intended for the trash can but ended up all over the floor :(


  1. we did this same project! so cute! grandparents loved it. :)

  2. this is sooo adorable! thanks for the heads up about how cheap walmart's canvases are. also, Olive is SO cute I can barely stand it!!


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