Friday, September 27, 2013

Top 5

The Top 5 Moments of my week were...

1. We took a quick road trip to Indiana.  My hubby got tickets to the ND vs. Michigan State game so he dropped Olive and I off at home and headed to Southbend with his brothers and dad.
 Never get tired of seeing Touchdown Jesus and those yellow mums.

2. We drove through thunderstorms/rain for 8 hours.  We were all excited to make it there safely and excited that the weather was perfect for the rest of the weekend.
We are lucky that Olive does so well in the car.  She doesn't really know any different and has logged 6,000+ road miles since she was born at the end of May.
3. We got to see lots of family while we were in town...  Breakfast with my parents, Krissy's 1st birthday party, Olives' first bonfire and s'mores, family pictures and hang out with the cousins.

 4. I was introduced to the brand JOE FRESH @ JCPenney by my good friend!  I was amazed at the selection, affordability and the well stocked clearance sections.  I found these three tops that were around $100 on clearance for $2.97 each!!  $9 was music to my ears.  I am definitely going to be adding more JOE FRESH to my wardrobe.  Thanks for the recommendation, Jacque! 

5. I've almost finished my daughter's nursery.  I checked several DIYs off my to do list this week.  This circle garland turned out really cute and is hanging in a great cluster with the pom poms in her nursery.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love the Joe Fresh! Can't wait to see your new finds in action on WWIW :)

  2. I dream of the day I see those yellow mums in person and touchdown Jesus!!!
    My little JCPenney hasn't had much of the joe Fresh collection!! Love your finds!! So sorry I'm so behind on commenting! I got a new phone and was scared to get online for fear of going over my usage! I've got it in wifi now so that should help!


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