Sunday, September 22, 2013

Terrible Topher

My little Topher is driving me bananas.  
He seems to be going through the Fearsome Fours.  
Let me tell you the trouble he's gotten himself into lately...
He needs to be sitting on my lap any time I sit down.
 He tries to eat my pen e.v.e.r.y. time I go to write.
 If I'm holding Olive, he thinks I should hold him with my other arm.

 When the baby falls asleep, my fur baby promptly finds me.

 I got out all of our fall decorations...
Topher decided he didn't like my leaf napkin holder.

 He's climbing everything.

 I put out comfy beds for him and he ignores them.
 and will only sit in them if I physically place him in it.

Good thing Oliver is taking care of himself these days
because Topher is wearing me out.
I really do love my little Topher and my husband says that I'm just encouraging his neediness by taking pictures of him all the time.  So be it...

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