Thursday, September 19, 2013

16 Week Check Up

We had to postpone Olive's 2 month doctor visit since we were no longer in Salt Lake/starting new insurance/in a new state.  I did some research on-line and found a good pediatrician close to our house.  We set up the appointment for the afternoon, left in plenty of time to get there, got slightly lost and had to call the office to get some directions.  

Olive when we first arrived at the office 
and Olive after telling her about the 4 shots that were in her future.
We signed in and waited to be called back.  Two boys were also waiting for their appointment and were interested in Olive.  The older one asked if the baby was a boy or girl.  I would have thought the GIANT flower headband would have been a dead give away but apparently not.  They both smiled at Olive; I kept her in her car seat and prayed we'd avoid picking up any doctor's office germs.  The younger boy was all smiles and came up to see Olive.  Before I knew what happened, he was grabbing her foot and squeezing as hard as he could.  Olive looked at me with eyes that seemed to say, "Don't just sit there - Do Something, MOM!!"  His mom was in la-la land on her phone so I pried his hand off of her foot and said, "No, no buddy."  A second later, he was grabbing her other foot and pulling it as hard has he could.  I pried his hand off of her other foot and promptly rearranged her car seat so it was facing the wall.  This little boy went up to another little girl and slapped her in the face just a few minutes later.  His mom finally got up, spanked him and then made him sit on her lap.  Note to self: the doctor's office waiting room is a rough place.  Beware!

They finally called us back and Olive got her head measured, temp taken and then weighed and measured.  Her 16 week stats were:
Head 16.5 inches
Weight 14lbs 4oz
Length 24inches

She's doubled her birth weight and is growing like a weed!  Good job baby!!  We went back to the room and waited to meet our new pediatrician.  I really hoped we'd like her because it's tricky to move to a brand new city/state and find a good pediatrician.  I prefer lady doctors and I think Olive does too :)

Our doctor was great.  Olive was all smiles as soon as she came in and had lots to say.  She asked for a little bio on Olive, we discussed sleeping, eating, baby skills and she answered all of my questions.  I always come with a list of things to talk about on my phone because I can't remember anything in the moment.  She gave great tips for sleep training, eating and gave me lots of paperwork to look over when I got home for baby facts.  We took a few baby selfies while we waiting for the nurse.

Then, it was time for the nurse to reappear for SHOTS!  1 oral and 3 traditional shots.  Olive was MAD about the oral shot.  She didn't want to swallow it and kept trying to spit it out.  She was grunting, squirming and was not happy about it.  The nurse kept telling her that this was the easy part of her shots... So I had to hold her arms and the nurse held her legs.  She talked about how strong Olive was and she was having to try extra hard to hold her down.  Thankfully the nurse was quick and Olive got 2 shots in one leg and 1 in the other.   She promptly got three camo bandaids and cried.  She looked at me like I'd done something awful to her.  Poor baby!  

I quickly got her dressed and she calmed down a bit.  We scheduled our next visit, Olive smiled at the nurses and we were on our way.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home and took a good nap when we got home.  She's been fussy all evening so I'm hoping her little baby meds will kick in and that she'll be feeling better in no time.  Overall, I really like Olive's new pediatrician and am excited to have a great doctor in Little Rock.

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