Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Greats

It was fun to take Olive around to meet our extended family while we were in Indiana.  I was excited for her to meet her Great Grandparents.  She's a lucky duck and has 5 great grandparents - 3 grandma's and 2 grandpas, one on my side and 4 on Kevin's side.

Olive, myself, my mom and my mom's mom.

 Kevin's maternal grandparents
better known as Nana and Papa
Kevin's paternal grandparents
better known as Grandma & Grandpa

Again, we are enjoying being just 7 hours away from family now that we have a baby.


  1. Good pictures. Thanks Whitney....


  2. I just LOVE four generation pictures! Olive is lucky to have so many grandparents/great grandparents to love on her.


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