Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ultimate Guest Book

I knew when I got married that I didn't want to have a traditional guestbook.
I wanted something unique that wouldn't sit and collect dust in a drawer.

My mom and I found this square frame & mat at Kirklands
for a great price and we thought it would be perfect.
I loved the frame and thought it seemed very weddingy.
We put one of our engagement pictures in the picture slot for the wedding
and replaced it after the wedding with one of our real pictures.

We took the mat out of the frame and
had it sitting on a table as guests entered the ceremony
and on another table at the reception.
* I loved my programs!  They are sitting next to the mat on the silver tray.
The were light pink, had our engagement picture on the front and
had a big pink bow to bind them.
We wanted it to be classic so we stuck with thin, black Sharpies.
I had my cousins take care of making sure everyone signed.
 My mom also went to a local trophy shop and had a little plate engraved
with our names and wedding date to put under the picture.
This is a much cheaper option than going to those plaque places in the mall.
Be sure to add the plaque prior to people signing the mat so that there is room for it.

My wedding guest book hangs in our dining room today.
We look at it all the time 
and have fun remembering everyone that was a part of our special day. 
I'd highly recommend doing something similar for your guest book!

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