Monday, August 22, 2011

Organizing My Accessories

 Belts and square scarves are on hooks behind door.
Scarves for this season are hanging in my closet.
 Flowers are pinned to an accessory organizer.
Brooches are slide inside pockets on the back side.
 Necklaces are hung by color on hooks.
Bracelets are sorted by colors on a 3 tiered stand.
 Colorful, dangly earrings are in one drawer.
Neutral, dangly earrings in a 2nd drawer.
 Post earrings of all colors are in the 3rd drawer.
Scarves for other seasons are in a drawer.
 Scarves that are too small to hang are in a drawer.

Shoes are grouped by colors lining the closet floor.
Tops are hung by colors in a work section and a casual section.
Skirt and other bottoms section
Dress section.

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