Saturday, August 20, 2011

Being Spontaneous

I confess.. I am not good at being spontaneous.
It's a fact.  
I LOVE planning out most all aspects of my life.
However, it's good to shake it up once in a while.
Kevin (AKA Mr. Deal Hunter) 
found a good deal on a hotel
in WENDOVER on a weeknight
and said, "Let's go!"

Wendover is a strange little town    
filled with casinos right on the NV/UT line.
So after my 27 back to school conferences were over
we headed 2 hours west.
 Nothing beats a pitstop for a $1 McDonalds sundae
hot fudge for me, carmel for Kevin, nuts on both.
Enjoying the pretty clouds.  We usually don't have many bugs in UT but half way into our trip we hit BUG CITY!  Notice the nasty windshield.  We were blasting my iPod and enjoying the ride.
Sunset on The Salt Flats was really lovely!
I wore my favorite new, Ralph Lauren pointy toe kitty heels.  LOVE them and major bonus... they are comfortable!  I wore these babies all day!
We didn't make million that night but we had a great time. 

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