Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Save or Spluge: TJ Maxx

 I love buying home decor and decorating.  I wish I had an unlimited budget for decorating our new house, but I don't.  So I am shopping smart, finding good deals, mixing vintage and new pieces and loving how the house is coming together!

Today I want to talk to you about my very favorite store... TJ MAXX.
It's been my favorite place to shop for many years.  I love buying shoes, purses, kid clothes, home decor, kitchen items and clothes there.  You've got to be prepared to dig a little, to stop in regularly and always be on the lookout for something great.  I mentioned back in June that I found a great mirror for our half bathroom for a fraction of the cost that Lowes was asking for a very similar mirror.  I had never paid much attention to the mirrors at TJ Maxx so I was glad I kept my eyes peeled for this treasure.

My finds today involve an amazing clearance deal and a beautiful rug!

Lately we've been running errands as a whole family.  We'll load up the kids with snacks and head out to cross things off our to do list.  We take turns staying in the car with the kids and the other parent runs in the store by themselves.  It works out great because we don't have to pay a baby sitter to stay with the kids, we both get things done and we're all hanging out together.  We'll usually wrap up running errands by all going in to get groceries or pick up dinner.

So I ran into TJ Maxx looking for tennis shoes.  No tennis shoes so I headed to the home section and found this lamp.  It was gorgeous and caught my eye immediately.  I was guessing it would be close to $100 because it's very heavy, sturdy and has a nice shade.  I turned the tag around and couldn't believe my eyes... CLEARANCE marked down to $59.99!!  I knew I had to have it.  I picked it up and carried it straight to the register.  It was like I found a treasure and was worried someone was going to snatch it up.  It looks like it was made for our family room!

It's a Max Studio Home Lamp.  Originally marked $79.99 clearanced out to $59.99

Save or Splurge???
TJ MAXX $59.99      or      Macys $359.99
That's a saving of $300!!  Hooray for TJ Maxx!!

Home inspired by India collection 4x6 rug for $39.99

 The quality was great and it was the perfect thickness to put in my kitchen at the back door.  I love the pattern, the colors and the style.  I thought the price was great for a rug this size.

 Here's how it looks in my kitchen - isn't it pretty!/?!?

Where do you find great deals on home decor??
 Do you have good luck shopping at TJ Maxx?


  1. I love your save!!!! I never would have seen that aztec rug and given it a second glance, but seeing it where you put it, I totally love it! Sometimes I just don't have the eye for how something will look in a space

  2. Love, love, LOVE! Everything is coming together beautifully Whitney.

  3. You got some great deals! Love that lamp and that aztec rug!

  4. You hunt out those deals! I've been on the look out for lamps and rugs too, so guess where I'll be going? ;) I LOVE these pics into your home!

  5. What a deal on that gorgeous lamp! My love of TJMaxx runs deep! My home is full of goodies that I purchased with red clearance stickers...or even better, the yellow stickers (Which all Maxxinistas know means final clearance!). One of the lamps in my bedroom, a beautiful mercury glass with a hurricane globe shade, was on clearance around $20. I love shopping there for shoes, home decor, gifts, and organizing supplies.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  6. That rug is gorgeous! I love the colors. It looks perfect in your kitchen.

  7. Those are such scores! I love bargain hunting at TJ Maxx. Some of my favorite home pieces are from there! Ryan and I have budgeted out two things for our home a month, and I can't wait to search!

  8. The price difference in the lamp BLOWS ME AWAY. There is nothing different yet the price for one is over $300. Way to go you for snagging that deal.

  9. I LOVE TJ Maxx. Maybe a little too much. But I have found some great décor items in there. I found a side table that folds and the top is a sewn patchwork of cow hide. Of course it went in my cart. But they have great deals on stuff.

  10. I am a Maxxinista to the core! I loved shopping even at a young age and went with my Mom all the time and that's still where I find my favorite and best closet and home decor pieces. I'm so disappointed by stores and online shopping compared to the finds that I get at TJM. And we live in the boonies buuuuutt are getting one in 2017 like 30 minutes away- major win for us! Oh and randomness: when PJ Masks is coming on Disney and the song plays, I have Lawter singing "TJ Maxx, go to TJ Maxx". Start 'em young.

  11. loooovvveee TJ! I don't get there nearly as much as I would like...but wow...they always have such amazing stuff!!

  12. TJ Maxx is the BEST!! Love those rugs! There's one near me that doesn't always have the greatest stuff, but if I drive 5 minutes more, there's one that has the best stuff!

  13. I love me some TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. We recently scored a huge mirror for our dining room. We did not go in there looking for a mirror, but happened to spot it while we were browsing through the lighting section. And when I saw the tag - just $49.99 - I knew we had to have it. I have never seen a deal like that! I love all your amazing find posts!


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