Wednesday, August 10, 2016

USA: Patriotic Treats

I'm LOVING watching all of these Olympic events and following stories from the athletes.  I'm finding myself especially interested in the stories of all of the women and moms in the Olympics this time around.  We are watching the games together as a family and I think beach volleyball and gymnastics are my favorite so far.  Swimming always stresses me out even though I love it and I'm really excited to check out all of the other events.

What are your favorite events to watch??

I have resisted the urge to decorate my house in red, white and blue, but that hasn't stopped me from making festive treats.  I made mini applie pies a few years ago and they were so cute.  I'm hoping to find some good apples to make them again this year.

We're cheering on the USA by eating some delicious red, white and blue classic American foods while watching these super athletes compete :)  My mouth is watering at this apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream!  The kids have been wearing red, white and blue and Olive now shouts, "GO FOR THE GOLD!" at the TV during every event.

All of my instructions can be found here and here's a little sneak peek:

I am also planning to make some all American meals to enjoy during the Olympics.  Kevin will do the grilling and I'll plan the sides.

USA Monster Cookies

Red, white and blue goodies

USA *** USA *** USA *** USA *** USA *** USA *** USA

Happy Olympic game watching!!


  1. All these festive items look so good! Swimming is hedging out gymnastics as my favorite but holy cow it stresses me out too watching the races. I can't imagine being a competitor or a relative/friend of one!

  2. All these goodies look so good! We are Olympic crazy here at our house too! We love swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball. The track and field events are super fun to watch too!!

  3. Super cute pies! They look delicious!

  4. Yum, yum....The little pies sure look delicious....But then it all, looks sooo good..

  5. Oh these are so cute! I enjoy watching the gymnastic competitions the most. Wish you were nearby then you could just grab some apples from our apple trees. I need to an apple pie soon. I use to not be a fan of the fruit pies, was always more of a chocolate gal, but as I've aged (sigh) I am liking them more. This summer was all about making different peach desserts. I have to say the peach cobbler with the crunchy top is my favorite.

  6. Whitney!! How do you have time for all this amazingness!?! You constantly blow me away!

  7. Those little pies are seriously the cutest ever! I now WANT apple pie... or at least crisp or cobbler. Hope there is time for that today! Go for the gold, oh Olive! She is so cute friend.


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