Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dear High School Whitney

(My graduation open house 2000)

Dear Whitney,

It's 1996 and you're just starting high school.  The next four years will fly by and I want to make sure you do them right.  You'll be graduating with the class of 2000 in no time and I don't want you to miss out on anything.  You're going to LOVE high school and those memories will always hold a special place in your heart.

1. Join clubs and participate.  
You'll join French club as a requirement and say yes to going on as many events as possible.  Sell candy for them, eat at Le Petite Cafe and love it.  You'll fall in love with pottery and end up taking many years of classes to master your art.  Don't put off joining the yearbook team until the end of high school.  You'll love writing for and planning out the yearbook so start working on this sooner.  Look for things to be a part of.

2. Be friendly to everyone.  
You'll have your group of friends that you do things with outside of school, but work hard to be nice to everyone, get to know as many people as you can and always smile.  You may not be best friends with the people you sit with at lunch, the girl who helps you through your Econ class or the people you are partnered with, but it's important to be sweet to all of them.  They'll appreciate it about you and it's nice to be known as a nice girl.  You'll run into these people as you get older and it'll be fun to see them if you are nice to everyone.

3. Get a job and stick with it.  
You'll have to work when your friends are off, you'll have to wear a ridiculous Ponderosa uniform, but you'll learn a lot about working hard to put gas in your car, earn spending money and learn about people by waitressing.  Babysit, pet sit and do things to earn extra money because it's fun to be able to buy your own things.  It'll make you feel proud to earn a paycheck.

4. Don't date around.  
Guys will ask you out, older guys will hit on you and you'll be tempted to say yes at times.  Follow your heart and only say yes to someone you'd consider marrying.  Don't give your heart away.  Save it for the right boy and you'll be thankful you did twenty years down the road when you're married to him with two kids.

5. Be a good friend.  
Say yes to slumber parties, weekends away with their families, shopping together, Sonic milkshake dates and hanging out.  Enjoy the fun and how easy life is when you've got very few responsibilities.  Enjoy carpooling with your siblings even if they spill their breakfast in your car every morning.  Take home friends after school and look forward to getting to just hang out together.

6. Nothing good happens after midnight.  
You'll think your parents are a little crazy for making you have an early curfew when no one else does, but it'll keep you safe and really is for your own good.  Make your plans early and stay out of trouble.  Your dad is a policeman and no one wants him to get a call about you.

7. Don't spend so much time getting ready.  
When you're assigned swimming 2nd period of the day, it is ridiculous to shower and get ready so you look presentable for 1st period and then jump in a pool 2nd period.  No one cares that much about your hair.  Sleep in a bit and don't worry about it.  Also, you should probably rethink the royal blue mascara, glitter eye shadow, belle bottoms and platform shoes.

8. Go to events outside of school.  
Go to baseball games even if you're talking and not paying attention and get hit with a foul ball.  Go to football games even if your dad says he's dropping you off and just happens to run into some friends and stays the whole game to keep an eye on you.  Go to golf matches and follow your favorite players.  Go to musicals, dances and anything that's offered.

9. Go to all of the dances.  
Say yes to surprising invitations, invite boys when it's your turn, say no to boys who invite you because you know a friend is hoping they'll ask them and be sure to pick out a fabulous dress to wear.  You don't always have to go to a dance with your boyfriend or someone you love.  Go and have fun.  Take pictures with friends.  Get your hair done and have a blast.

10. Appreciate your teachers.  
You're going to have some amazing teachers over the four years so appreciate their hard work, their dedication and their enthusiasm for their jobs.  They will be inspiring to you as you head off to earn a teaching degree of your own.  You'll keep in contact with some as you get older and send Christmas cards to them long after you've graduated.

Love, Your Future Self 2016

What words of wisdom would you pass on to your high school self??

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  1. Such great advice Whitney. I REALLY love that you added in the part about appreciating your teachers. That is something I wish I could tell my old self too. Just to be more appreciative in general really. The "your dad is a policeman" part made me lol too.

  2. This is all really great advice! I especially like the second one! It's so important to spread kindness and be friendly to everyone! You never know what they might be going through. :)

  3. This is so cute. I could tell my younger self so many things but by far the most important would be don't worry about what "everyone else" is doing!!

  4. This is so fun! It makes me think you had a little wild spree as a high schooler?! It's so important to be kind. I hope I teach my boys that.

  5. Nothing good happens after midnight -- YES! YES! YES! My curfew was 10:30. I was always the one who had to go home "early" and well, I can tell you that saved me more times than not when people started acting foolish later in the evening.

  6. Love this! I did a Dear 19 year old me a few years ago. But I have wayyy much more to say to my high school self as well! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. What a cool idea! When Olive and Olivia are in highschool they'll be like "you don't even know mom." Turns out my mom did know, I just assumed she didn't.


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