Monday, August 15, 2016

August $10 Target Haul

I picked out my $10 Target Haul items in record time this month.  I walked into Target, headed straight for the Dollar Spot and it only took me about one minute to gather my haul.  I knew I had to have these wire baskets for my pantry as soon as I saw them.  My only debate was which color - gold, mint or blush.  I thought about getting the mint ones for my master bathroom, but opted to stick with the gold for my pantry.  They're the perfect size, great quality and I'm debating going back for more.

wire baskets = $3/basket = $9
thank yous = $1
total = $10

 I write thank you notes all the time so I loved these.  Polka-dots, cute saying and fun colors.  I should pick up some more while they have them.

I put nuts, pasta and kid snacks in the baskets and could easily buy three more for the pantry.  They're such a great size!

It's time to link up with my Target ladies!
Join us and show off how you spent your $10 budget this month.
I'm curious to see if anyone else picked up these wire baskets and I always enjoy seeing the things everyone was tempted to buy.

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  1. Those baskets are SO cute Whitney. I wish I had seed those at my Target!

  2. Those baskets are great... I want them now!!!

  3. We have those baskets in our home too! We love them. They are so handy!

  4. What a cute practical use for these baskets. I need more thank you notes myself. Very nice haul.

  5. Those baskets are so cute! I keep seeing them and can never think of where I'd use them, but for snacks and food they're perfect!

  6. I love a good organizing basket. I've always been a fan of keeping like things together in a pantry. It makes it so much easier to find things and to see what you need more of. I say go back and pick up a few more. I also love the gold but would be super easy to spray paint if you needed them in a different color. Target for the win again!

  7. We didn't have those baskets in mine or they would have been in my cart and coming home with me. I love how you used them to tidy up your pantry space.

  8. So cute Whitney!! And they are perfect for holding snacks in your pantry!! I love when things can be cute and functional!!

  9. I have three wire baskets that I grabbed in the dollar section about three years ago...and they are the BEST thing I've ever used to organize my pantry! Mine have held up so well over the years, so I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of yours too. Love the color you chose!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  10. I just picked up a white wire basket to hold the smaller stuffed animals in the nursery. And we have a could of bright blue ones in our pantry (great minds think alike!) I just love me some Target finds. I think the baskets and bins in the Dollar Spot are an especially good deal, as for some reason, baskets are always pretty pricey elsewhere. Another good Target haul for this month!

  11. We have the same baskets on the top of the potty to hold all of H's tub paints, crayons wipes and extra wash clothes. Love it for the pantry too!

  12. Gah, Target dollar stops are my FAVORITE!! I always wind up with gift tags and wrapping paper from there, just to have on hand! - Dorrie @ Rt 1 US 1


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