Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 Things I'm LOVING Right Now

I wanted to share some of my current favorite things with you.  They're things that make my life easier, happier, more fun and are things that I LOVE.  

1. International Delight Mocha Light Iced Coffee.
My husband is a HUGE coffee fan.  One time when moved, he had SEVEN coffee makers to move.  I about died and he thought it was hilarious that he had a coffee maker and back up for his offices and home.  Since then he's paired down his collection a lot and just has a couple.  Anyways, I have never been a big hot coffee drinker so he is pleased as punch that I'm jumping on board the coffee train in some form.  Little does he know that having two kids will drive a person to start consuming more caffeine just to survive.  This coffee is so tasty, inexpensive (a half gallon is cheaper than one Starbucks drink) and SO GOOD!  It's the highlight of my afternoons.  It's definitely something that I do every day to take a little break and enjoy the day.
 via Target

2. Kate Spade Earrings
I have two bow pairs of earrings from the Kate Spade outlet - a white pair and a rose gold pair.  Both pairs were for sale for around $15 each and I wear them every single day.  One pair is over a year old and the other is just a few months old.  They both look brand new, have held up so well and I'm going to have to pick up some more pairs the next time I'm at a Kate Spade outlet for myself and to give as gifts.  They're such great quality and you can't go wrong with a good bow.  Do you own any Kate earrings??

3. Wire Baskets
These cute baskets are my current favorite way to organize things.  I pick them up everywhere - Target, TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart - and I have them in all different sizes.  I have all of our bottle pieces, baby feeding items in a wire basket on my counter, wire baskets for Olive's hair accessories, wire baskets of books and wire baskets in my pantry to organize my food.  They're so cute and practical.

4. Wal-Mart Workout Capris
My local Super Wal-Mart has already started clearancing out their summer workout attire.  I strolled through that section and was surprised at the huge selection of cute capris that were on sale.  These capris are amazing and they're under $8/pair.  They stay put, come in tons of great patterns and are so comfy.  The Danskin brand seems like really great quality stuff.  I picked up three pairs recently and wear them all the time.  I tried on a few different sizes and ended up sizing down one size from my typical size because they seemed to run big.  I tend to wear solid color fitted t-shirts around the house so I made sure that I had a few t-shirt options to go with each pair of pants I picked up.   I have this pair and then a blue/black pair and a pink/black pair.
5. Return Address Stamp
I'm loving my new return address stamp from the etsy shop Simple and Pretty.  I look forward to buying a new stamp for each place we live since I send a ton of snail mail.  I love buying from handmade shops and was thrilled to find out that this shop was based out of Indianapolis, IN - just an hour from me.  Their shop is filled with beautiful things and I love the stamp I ordered from them.  The shop owners are great to work with.  You get your proof really quickly, they make any changes quickly and my stamp arrived in just a few days.  The quality is great and I love the way the stamp looks on my cards.

What things are you loving right now??


  1. I LOVE having an iced coffee right around 2:00-3:00 pm every are right- it the perfect afternoon treat and gives me that extra boost I need to power through the rest of the day!! :) And you know how I feel about Walmart...LOVE their workout clothes and have SO many pairs of the Danskin capris and leggings! They are the best and you just can't beat the price!!

  2. I'm drinking that iced coffee right now as I read blogs. I'm obsessed with it. They used to have a light vanilla but it somehow vanished. Mocha is still good!

  3. I really need to figure out how to love coffee at home because a) I need the caffeine and b) I don't have the time nor want to spend the money on Starbucks like I have in the past.

  4. And now I want to go to Walmart and buy all of the workout capris even though I already have like 10+ pairs :P. Oooooppps.

    What a fun post. I may have to steal this idea sometime later down the road.

  5. I love lists like this! I'm gonna check out those capris for sure. I love your address stamp - thanks for the recommendation! I've never owned any Kate earrings, but am SO impressed they look brand new after a whole year. Wow!
    I'm loving Essence nail polish. I get it at Ulta and it is under two dollars! It is so shiny and looks like I just had a gel mani. For the first time in my life I actually have to repurchase a bottle bc I ran out. Love it!

  6. Love those Kate Spade earrings! Super cute!

  7. That stamp is super cute. My brother and his wife have one and I love getting mail from them!

  8. Love those kate spade earrings! Have a great weekend <3

    Edye | Http://

  9. I couldn't stand coffee either and only drank chilled coffee. Recently I switched over to Half-Caff because a. its always cold in our office and b. I'm trying to cut back on my caffeine intake. I've done pretty well; I only have 1 can a day now. I love wire baskets and will probably buy one for everything haha. Wal-Mart has some pretty nice clothes and they're cheap! Love the return stamp! I may check them out once I move.


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