Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Summer Faves

We are slowly, but surely collecting all kind of fun kid toys for our backyard.  Olive is three and we've been adding things to our collection since she was born.  Olive's birthday is late May so we often  ask for outdoor toys for her birthday.  

We have and LOVE our
water table
kid pool
Little Tikes car
turtle sand box
basketball hoop
side walk chalk
kid gardening tools

We recently added a bubble blower to our collection of backyard fun things.  I'd been looking at them for a while because I always ended up covered in bubbles when I was the bubble blower. I picked up the $10 Bubble Blitz Bubble Blowout machine, batteries, and the giant container of Bubble Blitz bubbles for $2.50 at Target.  There are a few different (read more expensive versions) available, but the $10 version is really impressive.  So keep your eyes peeled for end of the summer clearance.

I'd love to pick up a puddle jumper, pool toys or a fun sprinkler toy on clearance to save for next year.  We're also keeping our eyes peeled for good deals on play houses and those big wooden play sets.  Man, those are quite the investment!

What are your favorite outdoor toys for kids??

Kevin's loving his Ozark Trail Tumbler from Wal-Mart.  I'm sure you've heard about these insulated tumblers comparing them to high end Yeti versions.  Well, spoiler alert, the Wal-Mart tumblers are just as great at a fraction of the cost keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks icy.  My SIL has been busy personalizing them for people with monograms, logos and anything else you could want.  I'm thinking I need to jump on board the Ozark train soon.

Ozark Trail Tumbler 20oz

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  1. That bubble blower sounds like such a steal! I know my little nephew would love that!

  2. I have a blogging friend who did a side by side comparison with a yeti and that tumbler, it was EVERY bit as good. Love the collection you are growing. Miss Olive has the perfect place to explore and play.

  3. Love this! I think we're the same. My daughter is nearly 3 and we've collected a lot of backyard toys, including the bubble machine you mentioned. Hands-down my daughter's fave is the sprinkler. She can spend hours playing with the water along with the rest of her toys, and it bodes well for me too because I can get a bit of yard work done in the meantime! Thanks for hosting this week! Have a lovely Tuesday :)

  4. Aaron and I both have a 30 ounce Ozark Trail Tumblr and we love them! I actually did a post about a month ago featuring how similar the yeti and the Ozark Trail Tumblr are... We actually think the Ozark Trail one keeps drinks colder!!

  5. That is such an amazing picture!

  6. Ok, I'm gonna look for that tumbler! Your collection of outdoor toys sounds wonderful. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for a bubble blower on clearance. Such a great gift idea too.

  7. I have a Bubba cup like the one you shared and it was just $20.00 and keeps my drink cold for hours. Take that Yeti!

  8. Look at all those bubbles! That is awesome & a good price, can't beat that! :)

  9. I LOVE the bubble picture!!! So cute!

  10. What a fun round up. We had a bubble blower but it broke. I need to be on the lookout for one on clearance for sure!

  11. Look at those bubbles! Maybe I should invest in one for Mom's house. I bought Trey a Yeti can koozie and he uses it all the time. But he got us the 30 oz tumblers at Wal-Mart and yes they are just as good, at half the price. They are gems when we have to work outdoors and it's hot.

  12. Obsessed with my Yeti and I hear the Ozark is just as good. It's so nice having hot or cold drinks exactly like you like them. I'm stalking summer clearance puddle jumpers, etc. too. But I want that bubble blower now haha.


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