Friday, August 12, 2016

High Five for Friday!!

This week flew by at my house.  We packed in errands, appointments, rainy days and work around the house.  We made plans for the last few weeks of summer and are excited to get to see as many family and friends as possible.   We are LOVING watching the Olympics.  I think gymnastics, beach volleyball and swimming are my favorite events so far.  I get so nervous watching team USA go for the gold.  My toddler now shouts GO FOR THE GOLD at the TV and it's adorable.  Are you watching?  What are you favorite events??

The best parts of the week were:

// 1 //
We are wearing, eating and loving all the red, white and blue for team USA!  Olive wants to learn to fly like the gymnasts, swim like those fast swimmers and is constantly showing off her athletic moves to me.  It's so sweet to see her get excited for the olympics and we are really enjoying cheering on team USA every evening.
 I rounded up my favorite patriotic treats in a post this week.
// 2 //
 Pint Sized Picnic Table
Kevin and his brother spent several hours building Olive her very own picnic table.  She loves it and I can't wait to get it sealed, stained & painted so we can use it.  It's such a great size that we can all sit at it and she's already planning to have friends over to eat with her.
 New Dishwasher
I must be getting old because one of my highlights of the week was getting a brand new dishwasher!!  The one in our home was beyond repair so I've been hand washing dishes for weeks.  Turns out that cooking a ton and then having to hand wash a ton is a ton of work.  So I'm really thank we have a new stainless dishwasher :)

// 3 //
Target: We don't have a Target in our town (a fact that I've yet to get over after living here for over a year now) so I always plan to go to Target when we are in a city with one.  I loaded up the kids after a night of not much sleep for anyone and strolled around Target.  We got what we needed (and then some) and our moods were all improved.
Haircut: I have been needing a haircut for a while so I was thrilled to make back to back appointments with my sister to get our hair cut.  It felt good to have someone freshen up my cut and we both left vowing to make joint hair cut appointments a thing for the two of us.

// 4 //
I didn't eat quite as many salads as usual this week.  I ate tons of peaches and really enjoyed this BLT salad.  It's got tomatoes, avocado, sweet corn, bacon and a head of romaine lettuce with vinaigrette dressing.  It was so good that I ate it a few different times.

// 5 //
Favorite Kid Pics of the Week
Fletcher got his 4 month old pictures taken and he looked so handsome.  He was pretty serious for the photographer and wanted to save all of his smiles for mom.
 Olive just turned three and I caught a glimpse of teenage Olive while we were running errands together this week.  She's so sassy and funny that I'm mostly enjoying having a three year old.

Best posts of the week:

I hope you have a really great weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans in the works?


  1. I thought I was the only one who got super sweaty nervous and screamed at the TV during the swimming finals!! Ha!! Olive Is so cute and I love that she yells at the TV too :) so glad you got some time with your sister and get a fresh trim -you both are beautiful! hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!!

  2. Target and a new hair cut?! Sounds like a pretty fantastic week. I REALLY need to get mine cut too, so much that I made it one of my monthly goals, lol. I have an appointment scheduled for the 23rd! I love Olives picnic table that size is PERFECT for several years of use. Hope you all have an amazing weekend friend.

  3. Whitney, interesting that Kevin's side of the family has these carpentry skills. Your Great-Great Uncle Jesse Kokomoor was a carpenter. He had a brother who was head of the math department at UF in Gainesville, and a brother who was a medical doctor in Evansville (his sister was your great grandmother). His father fought in the Civil War, and was a prisoner at Andersonille. One of your aunts has a couple of pieces of furniture made by Jesse. Well, enough family history for today! The picnic table looks great!

  4. That table is amazing. Maybe I'll tell Pappaw (my Dad) C needs one :)

  5. So many amazing things this week! The picnic table is super cute and I can't wait to see it finished. Awesome that you got a haircut and a dishwasher...score! We watched a little of the swimming competitions tonight. Jack is all about races right now so he enjoyed jumping up and down screaming "go fast".

  6. That little picnic table is so cute! Yay for a dishwasher, too! I don't know what I would do without ours!


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