Thursday, August 18, 2016

Save or Splurge: Curtains

One of the biggest decorating expenses we've had so far has been window treatments.  We ended up saving AND splurging on curtains.

The bedrooms all had blinds, but the rest of the house had virtually nothing.  The family room still had the original traverse curtain rods so we opted to use those instead of investing in new rods.  It took us a while to find curtains that would work on the traverse rods with the pulleys.  We had the best luck shopping on-line at JC Penneys and in store at Wal-Mart for our bedroom. 

// 1 //
Our Gold Curtains were a SPLURGE.
Our living room ceilings are 8ft, we needed the curtains to be lined, they had to be suited to hang on hooks for the traverse rod and we needed them to be wide to cover the big windows.  It seemed after tons of research that our best options were custom curtains or these curtains through JCP.  They were pricey, but I'm so glad we splurged on them.  They help keep the house cool when it's hot and it's so nice to be able to close things up for the night.

// 2 //
Gray Master Bedroom Curtains were an opportunity for us to SAVE.

They were $17.97 for a single panel.  They're really thick, are lined and are great at blocking out the sun.  I am debating spraying the curtain rod silver or bronze, but am waiting to get all the decor figured out before making that decision.  I've been so happy with them that I've debated adding another panel to each window to bulk things up a bit.

 A sneak peek of our bedroom the first week or so after we moved in.  We got new furniture when we moved and we love it.  We picked up a new comforter and I'll share a full reveal when the room is done.

 We still need to buy window treatments for our kitchen, playroom, bonus room and both kids bedrooms.  So I'd love to know where you find great deals on curtains or window treatments.  I'm in the market to SAVE on the other areas of our house.


  1. Ikea has some really great curtains. I picked up some plain white ones for my bedroom and they add such a softness and texture. I have blinds on my sliding glass door off the living room so I just did two small panels on either side - it's been a few years but they really had some great, cheaper options!

  2. Love the curtains you chose. We are big into being able to close things up for the night too.

  3. Whitney, those look fantastic!! You've got a great decorating eye. We splurged on lined dupoini silk panels from Pottery Barn 9 years ago and they are still going strong, through THREE houses! They might be my best house purchase ever. 😏 Your rooms look great and I can't wait to see your master reveal!

  4. I have been looking at curtain options lately. I'm not into getting anything to expensive since we may build later on down the road. I will have to check out the BH&G selection!!!

  5. Love the gold curtains! I haven't hung one curtain in this house - we installed blinds and I was over it. :) I just bought some pretty light blocking panels for our bedroom (at Target) but of course they aren't up yet. Thanks for the inspiration to get moving! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  6. Your curtains are gorgeous and I am LOVING the rug in your bedroom!! It is beautiful!!!

  7. It's amazing what curtains can do for a room. I am a huge advocate of using them while I know others prefer a more open look and don't put them up.

  8. I love both of those! We need new ones in out formal living room turned playroom. For some reason I have the hardest time curtain shopping.


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