Friday, July 29, 2016

The Highlights

We had a busy week filled with unpacking, home projects and settling into life in our new house.  We turned in our keys for the condo we'd been renting and are thrilled to have all of our stuff in one place.  Our living spaces are unpacked and pretty cozy and we're working on getting our bedrooms put together.  We barely have anything on the walls yet so I'm excited to start picking out spots to hang our favorite things.  It's been super hot in the Midwest so all this time indoors has been good for unpacking.

The best parts of the week were:

// 1 //
My kitchen island is done!!  I love how it turned out.  The yellow bar stools look perfect, I love the new hardware (it didn't have any before) and I LOVE how much storage it adds to the kitchen.  I've got baking items stored here, appliances and lots of kid plates/cups/utensils.  It's a huge work space and we use it all day long to craft, bake, eat, work and play.  It is easily one of my favorite spots in the house.

// 2 //
 Fletcher has been spitting up and drooling a lot lately so we were in need of new, manly, stylish baby bibs.  I searched etsy and everything I liked was nearly $10 a bib.  I had no intentions of paying that much  and was THRILLED to find this set of Daulia bibs on AMAZON!!  They look fancy like boutique bibs for a fraction of the cost.  They're soft, look absorbent and are thick enough do the job.  They came in a fabric bag that I'll definitely be reusing and I love all of the fabric options.

 // 3 //
Pizza Hut DIPPERS are pretty much the most delicious pizza I've ever had.  It's been a while since I've loved Pizza Hut so I was skeptical when my husband ordered the Dippers for dinner.  You pick 4 sauce options and there's no sauce on the dippers.  They were so fun to eat and tasted even better than I'd hoped.  We'll definitely be getting them again.  Have you ever heard of them???

// 4 //
I've been having some good hair days lately and it makes me sad because my hair is falling out like crazy.  Same thing happened when Olive was about 4 months old so it's not a huge shock.  However, it's no fun to feel like you're balding.  Postpartum issues are weird.  I'll enjoy the good hair as long as it lasts and am hoping to get a nice cut in the next week or so to ease the pain of all the hair I'm finding in my house.

 // 5 //
My parents came up to work/visit this week and we had a great time.  My mom helped with the kids because we had some furniture delivered and my dad was busy installing custom closets in Olive and Fletcher's rooms.  I wanted to bake a treat for everyone to enjoy, but it was super hot out.  My mom makes delicious chocolate no bake cookies so I asked her to teach me how to make them.  She gave me the recipe years ago, but mine NEVER turn out.  They're always hard, gritty and just gross.  Kevin loves these cookies so I figured a little tutorial would be nice.  She showed me how to do them, told me her secret tips and I'm hoping to try to make them again to see if I learned anything.
// 6 //
Favorite Kid Pics of the Week
 We unpacked Olive's books and she was thrilled to be reunited with them.  She picked out her favorites, stacked them up and sat and read for a long time.
Olive told me this week, "Baby Fletch is so a-dor-dable!"
Fletcher turns 4 months old today!

Best Posts of the Week:

I hope you have a really great weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans in the works?


  1. Those bibs are awesome and so dang cute! I love your island and I wish I had one here to be the center gathering place. It would be nice to help Jack with stuff without having to strain my back bending over to work at his table. Your hair is looking great which is amazing since it has been so hot. I'm going to the I Love the 90's concert tonight with 5 amazing friends. Mama is looking forward to a night out!

  2. Oh my goodness! Olive in that last picture!!! Yay for mamas coming to help. Am I seeing double or do you look a lot like your mom? Cute bibs/cloths. Love the yellow chairs, they make the room pop with fun! Happy weekend, sweetie!

  3. Yay the island looks so amazing!! I bet it feels great to have it done.

  4. Those bibs are so cute! And Olivia sitting with a stack of books is a girl after my own heart! Have a great weekend!

  5. The bar stools look so great! I remember the hair falling out. Now I'm battling the hair regrowth and all the short little hairs! Oh the journey! The bibs are so cute. I found someone on Etsy who made them super cheap when Calvin was little. The ones you found are so cute!

  6. Baby Fletcher IS so adorable. I just want so squeeze him. Your bar is perfect friend. I was just telling Russ how I wish I had more of an island type bar and if we ever moved I would want to make sure I did.

  7. My postpartum hair loss is out.of.control!!! You look gorgeous- keep documenting your fabulous hair days! I am in love with your kitchen island... So excited you are all moved in and loving your new home!!

  8. Love the island and the chairs! I love the length of your hair...I always regret anytime I cut any length off of mine. I just bought a styling wand I'm dying to try. I've been trying to cut back on washing and using dry shampoo. I had been using Dove, but the smell was terrible. I bought some Bastiste and so far I like it. Precious pic of Olive reading!!!

  9. The island looks perfect! Just imagining all the fun crafts and baking you'll do there. And I bought those bibs as soon as you posted them. So cute! And I ended up tossing diapers and wipes in the fabric bag to put in my diaper bag. It's so cheerful to look at :)


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