Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thrifting Finds

I swung by Goodwill on my way home the other night
and here are the treasures I found:

Unmarked glass bowl $2
*will be a perfect serving bowl
 Unmarked floral cardigan found on the $3 rack.
Cashier says, "All clothes are half off so that'll be $1.50!"
 My local Goodwill seems to be some type of Target clearing house...
I found a giant bin full of fun napkins.
Regularly priced $3 per package, Goodwill priced at $0.25.
I am always keeping my eyes peeled for any holiday items
so I stocked up for any summer/fall events that come my way.
9 sets of napkins for $2.25
Another successful thrifting adventure.

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