Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at our House

We have celebrated our married Thanksgivings in a variety of locations.
'04 = Utah
'05 = San Francisco, CA
'06 = Indiana
'07 = Indiana
'08 = Indiana
'09 = Utah
'10 = Indiana
'11 = Utah

Each year, I always make a little Thanksgiving for our family.

 I wanted to make some turkey place card holders and found this idea on Pinterest.
I saved 2 bags from my latest sweet potato purchases and got some m&ms.
Apparently you have to buy fall m&ms before Halloween 
because only Christmas and regular ones are available in November.
So I bought regular and removed all the blues.
 I got some fall colored pipe cleaners, Elmer's glue and googley eyes.
Look at my cute turkeys!!
 I set the table about 2 hours prior to dinner, 
heard some commotion while I was cooking in the kitchen, 
went to investigate and saw this... guilty meows!
 Take 2: setting the table.
Place settings.
 Turkey & stuffing
This sliced cranberry jelly is for the mister of my house.
Sweet potato casserole
I'm making 2 pies to take to our friend Thanksgiving tonight
so I made peach cobbler with some tasty ice cream for our dessert.

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