Monday, November 7, 2011

Owl Smores

 I found these cute owl smores the other day
and wanted to give them a try.

You'll need:
big marshmallows - 1 per owl
graham crackers - 1/2 per owl
Reese's cups - one per owl
Fall colored M&Ms - 2 per owl
Candy corn - 1 piece per owl
 Line baking sheet with foil.
Break graham crackers in half.
Cut large marshmallows in half.
Set oven to BROIL.
Put in for 1 minute or until slightly toasty.

Do BEFORE you put owls in oven to broil.
Cut top off Reese's cup.
Cut slice in half again.
Use those two chunks for owl wings.
Put owl body on first, add arms and squish into body.
Put eyes on marshmallows.
Return to oven for 30 sec. to melt together.
Add candy corn nose.
 Hoot Hoot!
 These are delicious right away when everything is all melty.
Let set up for 30 minutes and they are still tasty.
These are great because you can make just a few or a lot!
Have all of your candy items cut, sorted and ready to assemble
because these owls need to come together quickly!


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