Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday: According to the Cats

Our mom just had a birthday and she got the BEST presents ever.
Balloons, Bags and Boxes.
Don't tell her that we are having SO MUCH fun with her presents.
First, Look at these cool balloons & curly ribbon:
 Can I play?  It looks like fun.
 Come a little closer...
 You've got something on your legs Oliver...
 Thanks for stating the obvious.
 Must. Get. Balloons.
 A tangled web of curly ribbon was surrounding us!
We were under attack...
 I think this balloon is following me again Topher.
 I'll help you bro.
 Red Rover, Red Rover, send Topher right over!
 Next, Boxes = excellent poochie rubbers
 Lastly, A Topher sized shopping bag.
 Oliver was licking his lips to get his turn in the bag.
 My territory.
 For some strange reason, I feel surrounded..
 What's that noise...
 Is there room for me, bro?
Take a HIKE; find your own bag.
We are thrilled with all this birthday stuff
and have been entertaining ourselves for hours.

Developing Story:
We're hearing conversations about getting a Christmas tree...
Did you know that we are excellent tree climbers and ornament hunters??
Love, Oliver & Topher

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