Saturday, November 5, 2011

Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners

I love the way that parchment liners look for cupcakes!
So I gave this template at try.
Pam your muffin pan
 I had to put the liners in one at a time and fill them one at a time.
I didn't have any luck getting the empty liners to stay in the muffin tin.
It was slightly tricky to fill them cleanly without getting the paper all goopy.
 Looking good and ready to bake.
Tip: be really neat with the batter as the batter turns really dark if it's on the edges of the paper.
 Liquidy maple syrup frosting for fresh banana cupcakes.
I'd recommend a stiffer icing for parchment liners.
I'm sure it would look nicer too.
 Pretty tasty.
 Thought they needed something on top.
So I added some pecans on half of them.
I also thought the liners were a little out of control 
so I hand trimmed each of my 14 cupcakes for a cleaner look.
I'd recommend small squares maybe 4.5 inch next time.

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