Monday, November 23, 2020

Play-Doh Turkeys

I have a really fun turkey activity to share with you today.  We made Play-Doh turkeys over the weekend.  The kids loved them.  It was easy to prep and they turned out so cute!

I'm sure your kids or any little ones would love doing this at Thanksgiving.  Lots of things might be different this year, but there's still plenty of opportunities to focus on being thankful and making turkeys with your kids this week.

You just need: Play-Doh and it's a bonus if you have googley eyes, Play-Doh tools and a plastic knife.

I gave each kid six colors of Play-Doh.  I opened new containers and just cut each color in half.  Each kid got a craft tray to build on and then our turkey context began.  The only rules - you must use all colors of Play-Doh, googley eyes and all the important turkey parts :)

Both kids - age 4 & 7 - loved this activity.

They worked so hard on their turkeys and they were super proud of their turkeys.  Both had very different strategies, but I love the final product. 

Olive's turkey: She spent so much time making sure all her feathers and details were just right.


Just Cheerios and frozen teethers for this guy.


Fletcher's Turkey: He cut out and rolled all those feathers.  Then he rolled them flat.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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