Friday, November 17, 2017

The Highlights

Happy Friday!  Hope you had a great week.  It was a really nice one at my house.  We packed in lots of fun with friends, lunch dates, celebrated my birthday, did some shopping and enjoyed some Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanks to all who entered my Big Birthday Giveaway this week!!
The winner is.... KATIE MRUGALA!!
Watch for an email from me :)

Kevin and I met some of his coworkers for dinner and it was really fun!  We tried a local restaurant that was new to us.  The food was delicious and the adults only time was great.   Cheers to more date nights!!

I went to Walmart for some groceries and came home with this darling chambray top!!  It's embroidered on the front and back and has rose gold buttons.  The best part... it was on clearance for only $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  RUN to your Walmart to see if you can find this Faded Glory deal.  There were also lots of cute tops for under $14 if you're in the market for some.

We were invited to Olive's preschool for a Thanksgiving feast this week.  She made an ADORABLE pilgrim hat and was so proud to have us there.  I LOVE this picture of her.  We enjoyed the feast with her friends and then had to hurry home with a chocolate covered little brother.  He loved the cupcakes and ended up wearing about half the meal.  Aren't the turkey cupcakes so cute??

Olive selected her winter coat and it's no surprise that it has a sparkly unicorn horn and rainbow mane.  She is obsessed... like she can't quit smiling when she wears it or when she sees her unicorn shadow on the ground as she walks.  It's Cat & Jack from Target and I'd highly recommend it.

Fletcher walks around all day long making horse noises, saying YEE HAW, wearing a cowboy hat and riding his rocking horse.  It's hilarious how happy this horse makes him.  He's also starting throwing some major temper tantrums this week so I'll take all of the smiling happy moments I can get :)

I love these art kits where every supply is included.  This set is from Meijer and it was around $2.  Olive had the est time making these silly turkeys.  My 4 year old thought it was hilarious to do crazy heads and feet.  Wouldn't these be cute place cards??

I'm bringing the pies to our Thanksgiving gathering so I had to do some practice.  I made Derby Pie earlier in the week and it was delicious.  Pecan and Pumpkin are on the agenda for next week.

I had a lot of fun celebrating my birthday yesterday.  My kids woke up ready to celebrate and to help me open gifts.  I picked out my favorite dessert - a cheesecake variety platter and it was amazing.  Olive learned how to write MOM all by herself.  We ate out for some fun meals and I heard from lots of my favorite people.  It's so fun to go to your mailbox and see it filled with cards and packages from people you love.  It was definitely a great birthday!!

I recently got Sacred Rest: Finding the Sabbath in the Everyday by Cheryl Wunderlich and am loving it.  The book is beautiful and the daily devotions are so relatable.  There is something to take away from every day and the book really inspires you to have a restful routine.  There are Bible verses to start every day and then a message to tie into it.  You could easily read several devotions a day because they're so good.  Sacred Rest could easily be read daily for 100 days or divided up into 10 part chunks.  I love that it has a built in bookmark.  This book would be a great gift for anyone that is struggling with being being too busy or anyone looking for ideas to incorporate rest into their daily routines.  I'd highly recommend this devotion as a quick, inspiring addition to your every day quiet time.  *I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  We have big plans to enjoy the weekend at home and are excited for the next week off.  Should be a really fun Thanksgiving week.


  1. Happy birthday, Whitney, it looks like you had a great day. That pie looks pretty yummy. Pies are something that I am still trying to figure out how to make!

  2. I'm not familiar with derby pie - I'll have to look it up! What a great week at your house. My kids always choose to be native Americans instead of pilgrims - even tho I tried to take them into being a pilgrim!

  3. I always take the pies to Thanksgiving too! It doesn't surprise me one bit that they put you in charge of that department. I LOVE Olives coat, does it come in my size?! I also LOVE that deal you snagged at Walmart. I am half tempted to go check mine out this morning!

  4. So much sweetness in one post, you know I love all your darling crafts. I love your darling self SO happy birthday and yay for date night, cheesecake and the sweetest handwritten mom note ever! PS I have never heard of derby pie (I might live on the moon ;) but what is it? xoxo ERIN

  5. Shoot, I'd wear a unicorn coat! So sweet that Olive wrote MOM! Have a great weekend!


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