Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving FUN

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  We had a good one!

We've been doing lot of fun things for Thanksgiving and I thought you'd have fun with them, too.  My daughter is on Thanksgiving break this week so we are going to make the most of having her home with us.

We went to a feast, a Science Class at the museum and the Thanksgiving themes did not disappoint.  The kids had so much fun that we've been doing these same activities at home.

Build the turkeys with a cup, two pipe cleaners and a turkey body.
Grab a bag of pony beads and a dice.
Roll the dice, count the dots and then add the beads to the pipe cleaners.

You could easily roll two dice and add them together for older kids.
Or for younger kids just have them put the beads on the pipe cleaners without counting.
Great fine motor practice for both!

Put out bowls of 5 or 6 ingredients.
Ask the kids to count out a certain number of each for their bag.
Go down the line counting numbers or measuring 1/4c, 1/2c

I rarely buy a bag of real cranberries, but I bought two this week.
My kids had so much fun dumping, pouring and mixing these berries.
I can't wait to surprise them with this fun activity at home.

Put one of each food item on your plate.
Select one and then roll a dice for adding or subtracting.
If you get -, you have to take that item off your plate.
If you get +, you have to add the number you roll of that item.
The kids thought it was fun to identify all the Thanksgiving food items and add to their plate.

Thanks for Thanksgiving was a really cute read.

We made homemade sugar cookies for Olive's Thanksgiving Feast at school and then shared some with our neighbors.

Olive's cute fabric pumpkin & Big sister telling little brother he's supposed to be quiet and follow the rules at school.

These Chocolate Turkey Cupcakes were a huge hit with all the kids.
Fletcher had to be stripped head to toe after really enjoying his cupcake.

We have been recording all the cute kid shows for Fall and Thanksgiving.  My kids have loved watching them over and over again. 

What fun things are you doing with your kids this week??

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