Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Making Christmas Memories

I love to make special holiday things with my kids.  I really love decorating with their holiday art and know that these will be some of my favorite decorations to put out every single year as they get older.  I swear I get teary eyed every year when I pull Olive's 1st Christmas hand print ornaments out of the box.  They're so tiny and time goes by so quickly.

We've been working on some fun art projects this month and I'm excited to share them with you.  They're all easy, require little prep and are perfectly doable for little kids.  I have found the cutest ornament kits this year.  I usually search Pinterest for cute ornament ideas, but this year I found such cute kits that it wasn't necessary.  Hobby Lobby and Meijer really came through for me.  Both had their ornament kits half off and tons of cute options.  I surprised my daughter with them, but I bet it would be fun to pick out kits with your kids if they were a little older.

We found this cute little packet of snowmen in snow globes at Hobby Lobby.  They were originally $5 and we got them during a half off sale.  Each felt piece has a sticker like back that needs to be removed.  My three year old could take the back off the bigger pieces and I helped with all the little parts.  These were so fun and turned out DARLING.  They look great on our tree and I'd definitely buy this type of kit again.

 We did one snowman at a time and Olive insisted on making them all wave.  She said they were friendly snowmen :)  We also include Fletcher in the fun.  He sits and snacks while we craft. 

 They really pop on our Christmas tree and I love that the aren't fragile :)

Meijer had these Lara's Crafts Wood Painting Kit that contained two wooden ornaments to paint, the paints needed, string to hang them with and a paint brush.  They were around $3 for two ornaments and were on sale when I bought them.  We had so much fun with these that I went back to get a different set.  The kits are listed best for ages 8+, but I found them completely doable with my 3.5 year old.  I'd say they're very doable with younger kids and some adult supervision.

Here's how the kits come packaged:

Some tips that made the process go really smoothly.
Paint one color at a time.
Talk things through as you paint them - what color is Santa's beard? what else needs to be red?
Let them dry overnight
We used two brushes so we could both paint.
Write the year on the back with a sharpie.

Aren't they adorable!?!?

I gave Olive a paint to plate and some free time with the leftover paints.  She opted to do some body painting.  The paints were great and washed off really easily.

Here are some things we've done in years past:
Captures what your child is doing for art that year.

Salt Dough Ornaments
I'll be doing these with Fletcher to document his 1st Christmas

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  1. Awww!! The hand and foot print in salt dough is adorable!! I always do that with my kids. Love all of the fun crafts you guys have done. I found some fun holiday crafts at Michael's for 50% off, so we will be working on that today.

  2. I love those ornaments you made with your kiddos! I also noticed how you have a personalized ornament on your tree from different years, we do that too and its so fun putting them up each year!

  3. So sweet! Those felt ornaments are super cute. I bet my girls would love putting those together too! I also like the painted ones. It would be fun to do those every year and compare later on. We still need to make some ornaments this year. Haven't done that one yet!

  4. I always buy these type of things when they are clearance for the next year. They make such great keepsake gifts that don't break my budget.

  5. Oh these are so cute! I was hoping our local Walmart would have some ornament kits but I found none. These are super adorable and look like a lot of fun. Hopefully, I can find some on clearance when I go after Christmas shopping.

  6. Packaged craft kits are just the best! They make my life easier!

  7. I love all of these ideas!! The felt ornament projects from Hobby Lobby are SO awesome! My girls love them and I have set ready to go for them to make when they are on Christmas break!! I also love that pinecone ornament! How cute would a mini Christmas tree look with a bunch of those and some strings of popcorn and cranberries?!? Hope you're having a great week friend!!


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