Friday, December 9, 2016

The Best Parts

This week was bit of a blur.  Lots of fun things and colds for everyone at our house.  The kids started it with fevers and colds last week and now Kevin and I are stuck with colds and froggy sounding voices.  I'm hoping we'll get all the sickness out of the way before Christmas.

We packed in lots of fun Christmas things this week - gingerbread house decorating party, the house is all decorated, I got some things reorganized and lots of fun with friends.  I'd definitely repeat this week (minus the colds:)

// 1 //
Home for the Holidays
Our house is all decorated and I love how it turned out.  We'd planned on putting lights outside, but the outlet on the front of the house doesn't work.  So we focused our efforts indoors and things are so cozy.  The cats have left the tree alone and I think I baby proofed things pretty well for our crawler.  I posted the whole house tour on Wednesday.

// 2 //
Candy Cane Building
We went to a fun candy cane building workshop at Bricks 4 Kidz and had a great time.  Olive learned about candy canes, made an ornament, decorated a cookie and built with Duplos.  She's really hoping Santa brings her some for Christmas.  Olive loves building there and we are thinking their gingerbread house building class would be fun in a couple of weeks.

 // 3 //
Eat Your Veggies
It seems like we're surrounded by sweets this time of year so I'm trying hard to eat BIG salads for lunch.  I pack in as many veggies as possible and it's usually pretty delicious.  I also chop a lot of my veggies ahead of time so the salad prep part is pretty easy.  I try to come up with new salad combos and then eat that same salad a couple of times. 

 // 4 //
St. Nick's Day
We celebrated St. Nick's Day and Olive keeps saying, "I'm really glad Nick could come and give us presents.  I hope he brings me chocolate every day."  Apparently she's on first name basis with St. Nick :)  I filled our shoes with our favorite candies and treats - Cadbury for me, baby Puffs for Fletcher, Reese's cups for Olive and Kevin got York Peppermint Pattie and a Starbucks drink.  We were all happy with the treats.  Do you celebrate St. Nick's Day??  I didn't start until I got married.

 // 5 //
Cookie Exchange
My friends planned a cookie exchange this week and we all went home with some delicious goodies.  It was fun to see what everyone brought, sample cookies with friends and get to go home with a huge platter of treats.  I made my favorite Christmas Monster Cookies to share.

 // 6 //
Olive has been painting up a storm and helping me decorate.  We made some ornaments to share with you next week and after we finished the projects she got to has some free time with the leftover paint.  She opted to paint her hand and everything else in sight.
Fletcher is getting SO BIG!  He's a super speed crawler, pulling up, lunging at things and a total sweet baby tornado.  He's into everything and just wants to leave his baby days in the dust.  Good thing he still likes to be snuggled sometimes.  He's started imitating sounds and is trying hard to say dada.  He's the sweetest and HE SLEPT 8 HOURS STRAIGHT a few nights this week.  I'd forgotten what it felt like to really sleep.  It's amazing :)

What was your FAVORITE part of the week??

I hope you have a really great weekend!!
We are having brunch with Santa, going to a basketball game and hoping to finishing up our Christmas shopping.  Should be a fun weekend.


  1. Wow!! You guys have had such a great week! I love the Lego candy cane. We need to do that. I love all of your decorations. Looks great!!

  2. I just can't get over Fletcher's sweet litte grin! I'm sorry you've been sick! Hopefully y'all will be well now through the holidays.
    The highlight of my week might be the dip in temperature, ha! We've actually been wearing coats, and it's so nice to not sweat! It really makes it feel like Christmas :-) It's supposed to be 70 this weekend, but for now I'll wear my cozy sweater. :)

  3. Your babies are so cute! I had to click on your link from the link up b/c it said "polka dots." I am a polka dot girl! I love the ribbon on your tree:)

  4. I need to build more with duplos at our house! Looks like a great week. I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Your house decorations are so festive, I love them! And are you telling me they make Christmas Cadbury eggs?!?

  6. I hope you all have a restful weekend and are able to kick the sickness to the curb! Nobody wants to be sick at Christmas. Fletcher is such a little man, so cute! His eyes are always so bright and perky, I love it!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  7. That's so cute that your daughter now wants St. Nick to come every day! :) The only time we celebrated St. Nicholas Day was in kindergarten, I think. Like, our whole class put our shoes outside the classroom and got treats--very exciting! haha And we have outlet issues too, so it's like impossible for us to hang outdoor lights. Our neighbors have all these festive lights and decorations, and we always look like we're boycotting the holidays!

  8. Aaaahhh I love the cookie exchange idea. I usually bake WAY too many cookies around the 22nd. Your little shoes all in a row is so cute too. I hope y'all are having a great weekend friend.

  9. I love cookie exchanges, lots of work, but so fun to bring home a giant platter of different cookies! Also loving your decorations, you did a fantastic job!


  10. You are still killing it with your salad game. They always look so dang tasty!


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