Thursday, December 22, 2016

Touring Our Trees

I have always loved collecting Christmas ornaments.  I look forward to getting a few new ones each year for our family tree and for the kid's trees.  I try to add a photo ornament to our collection, sentimental ornaments and always pick up ornaments from new places when we are traveling.  Our trees are full of special ornaments and just a few fillers.  We kept many ornaments in boxes this year and only decorated with a few of our favorites.  I need to reorganize our collection better for next year and make sure to pick a tree that has strong branches to hold lots of ornaments.

Here's a little (late night) tour of our trees:

Our FAMILY Tree:

I'll start with my favorite new ornament of the year.  I bought the sparkly frame and was trying to find a tiny family photo to put in it.  Nothing was working and Olive was watching me.  She knew none of our pictures were fitting so she offered to draw a family picture for the frame.  I think it turned out perfect.

One of Kevin's grad students made him an ornament.

 Mississippi Santa

We have a variety of Santa on the beach ornaments and they always make us laugh.  It's something we look forward to picking up at the beach every year.

My mom got me this blogger ornament a few years ago and it's still one of my faves.

I love these HOME ornaments for our first Christmas in our new home.

I love this photo ornament with his newborn picture in it and his baby booties.

I love all the bright colors, the smiling snowman, picture ornaments and baby booties.

Do you collect ornaments for your tree?
What's your favorite new one for this year?

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  1. I love all of your ornaments and Olive's drawing in this year's is just adorable!! How sweet is she? We get new ornaments each year for the tree and it makes me so happy. I love the kid's excitement about what they pick too.

  2. I love special ornaments, and yours are super cute! My favorites are your 2016 one and the blogger one!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. What a special tour! Our tree is a lot like yours - mostly all meaningful ornaments. I love seeing my favorites year after year - and it's so fun to see what the kids pick out each year :-)

  4. I love them all. That blogger ornament is amazing and the family photo that Olive drew is more perfect than any photo you could have ever squeezed in there. Such a sweet girl.

  5. The first ornament with the family portrait done by Olive is AMAZING! Such a treasure!!! 😊

  6. I always love to see people's ornaments. They all tell a story!

  7. I complained this year that I didn't have very many ornaments to put on our tree. But I picked up a wedding cake and received 2 other wedding ones as well. I had a bunch of Little Mermaid and Mickey & Minnie ornaments from my single days, that I added as fillers this year. I like going to Target to get just simple little ornaments such as candy canes or Santas. The kids' trees are cute!!!


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