Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Marriage Matters

Kevin and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  In some ways it seems like we were just getting engaged and planning our wedding and in other ways it seems like we've lived a TON of life together these past 12 years.  We've had far more happy times than hard times, would still call each other our best friends and we are excited about what the future has in store for our family.

We don't live in some fairy tale perfect life, we work hard on our marriage and are always looking to improve.  We've attending couples counseling, gone to Bible studies together and we both agree that our marriage is a big priority.  I do thoughtful things for Kevin and he does thought things for me.  We are a team and that how our family works.

The pictures I'm sharing today aren't the most glamorous or the prettiest, but they are all special to me.  They represent happy times, effort and thoughtful gestures.  I'd like to be better at posting these on Mondays for #marriagemattersmonday , but for now this post will have to do.  I picked 12 moments from the summer in honor of our 12 years of marriage.

1. We have had various house projects come up that needed to be done before we moved in and Kevin has learned how to do so many of them.  He's crawled all through our attic and in the crawl space, run wires to several areas for cable/internet and has problem solved several things to save us money.  It's fun to see him learning to be so handy around the house.  He sent me this selfie one day while he was working at the house.

2. Kevin loves these fun drinks, but doesn't always buy them for himself.  So when I'm grocery shopping I'll pick them up when they're on sale for him.  We drop them off at his office on our way home from the store.  We get to see him in the middle of the day and he gets a fun treat.  Win-win for all of us.

3. Kevin is always happy to help when I ask.  In the past I would expect him to be a mind reader and know how I'd like him to help.  I've learned that he appreciates when I tell him what he could do to help.  So I'll say it would really help me if... and then we make a game plan.  Here I asked him to hold Fletcher while I fixed lunch or he'll play with the kids while I try to get a few things done like running kid free errands.  It's nice to be specific and communicate how we can be helpful.
4. We love to go to fairs together.  He always makes plans for us to go on the coolest night of the week and gets us a yummy treat while we're there.  Usually a funnel cake, but this year it was ice cream.

5. Kevin's favorite cake is his Nana's homemade Buttermilk cake.  I try to make it for him every chance I get.  I had leftover buttermilk so I whipped up some cake for a surprise dessert one night.  He was thrilled.

6. Kevin has a busy work schedule, but always makes time for lunch dates with us.  We try to do lunch once a month and Jimmy Johns is usually where we end up.

7. Kevin loves my monster cookies.  They are his very favorite cookie I make so I try to make them regularly or make for him to take into work.

8. Compromising.  Kevin got a new car this year and he was anxious to take it on road trips.  It's slightly smaller than my car so I was concerned about all of our baby gear and luggage fitting.  He researched car top carriers for us and picked out a waterproof, really sturdy (yet collapsible) one so that we had plenty of room to pack comfortably on our trips.

9. We love to go on road trips and Kevin always drives.  I think I've driven once when he was really sick, but I rarely drive.  I'm the snack packer, car entertainment planner and he's the navigator.  Sometimes he calls in back up and asks Olive's beloved Bun Bun to help get us to our next stop.

10. Olive took a car nap while we were out running errands.  Kevin sent me into Homegoods to leisurely stroll around while she napped.  He knew I really wanted to go and shop so he was happy to stay behind with Olive.

11. He agrees to my crazy ideas.  I found this darling organizer bin on clearance, convinced him it would be perfect for toys and then he spent 15 minutes in the heat of the day trying to figure out how to wedge it into our car.  I was ready to go in and return it because it wasn't looking like it would fit.  He somehow squeezed it in and I was thrilled.

12. The kids were being crazy and we were still hours from home.  He spotted a Starbucks at an upcoming exit, pulled over and got us both our favorite drinks to make the ride a little more fun for everyone.  The kids fell asleep pretty quickly and it was just the restart we needed.

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  1. Happy Anniversary friend. I love that you shared all of these little things. They really do add up and mean so much. I hope you guys had a blast celebrating.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What lovely moments to share. I love how they're all the ordinary things. Those are the best to share with your spouse and a fantastic reminder that it's the little things that actually count. Thanks so much for hosting this week! Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You're right--the best moments aren't staged but things that happen in real-life. These were so sweet to read!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Love this post!! I also love that you acknowledge that a marriage takes work& sacrifices to make your spouse happy! Happy anniversary !!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I will say that I've notice that my marriage is really supported by the little things that we do for each other and experience together. I love going to SAM's and James pretty much thinks it's pointless but he goes with the flow and helps me cram all the stuff we don't really need but I had to have in my tiny car :)

  6. Love this post! He's a keeper for sure!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you. So many Summer weddings. Our Anniversary was in June. I love your Marriage Talk posts, Whitney. =)

    BTW, I would love for you to co-host Thursday Moda with me sometimes, if you are interested. Let me know, comment on my blog or e-mail me. Thanks, Ada. =)

  8. This is a great post! And happy anniversary! You do many sweet and wonderful things to make your marriage happy and healthy, and it sounds like Kevin reciprocates, great job yall! I'm awful at expecting Anthony to be a mind reader and know what I need. I'm trying so hard to do better with communication!

  9. Happy anniversary! What a sweet post! I love all the ways you mentioned your husband helping and doing things for you. I also love that you said that a husband cant read our minds. SO true! I am learning that I need to tell my sweet husband what is on my mind rather than getting mad that he is not telepathic! lol

  10. Happy anniversary! This pictures are just perfect:)


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