Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Moving Sneak Peeks

Well we are all moved into our new house thanks to a ton of work, planning and a ton of family helping.  This was our first move where we didn't have to rend a giant moving truck and relied on family and friends to get us moved.  It was a nice change of pace to have everyone so close.  We were thinking we'd move slowly over one week, but we had a whole moving crew of 7 people show up at our door to get us moved in one day.  It made me teary eyed and then we kicked things into HIGH gear to get out of our condo.

One of my favorite move moments:
Olive decided she was excited about her new room and that this was our home about 24 hours after moving in.  She grabbed some decorations from our home decor pile, headed straight for her room and said we needed to hang some things on the wall.  It was sweet to see her wanting to settle in.
Olive thought all of the boxes were fun and enjoyed climbing on them.  She turned them into bed, pretend packed her toys in them and colored all over them.  She wanted to help us load up boxes, but was not really interested in packing up her toys to be moved.  So I packed up toys while she slept.

She was a good packing helper and only a tiny bit of a tornado.

Fletcher refused to go to bed the night before we moved so we decided to bake cookies for our moving helpers.  They were enjoyed by everyone.

The cats have made so many moves so they were barely phased by the process.  I found both of them sleeping like this on moving weekend.  I was kind of envious of their cat naps.

We were without cable and internet for a few days so I got lots of packing done thanks to some fun DVDS and lots of snacks.

 My MIL came up to help us move our entire kitchen and all fragile home decor.  Olive was sure Nanny was there to play with her and I was so thankful for the help.

 I took ZERO pictures of my family coming up to help us move.  That's super unlike me and shows you just how crazy busy we were for hours.  I was packing like crazy, my mom was watching the kids and everyone else was loading like crazy.  It was madness and I'm so thankful for that crew.  The cats were the last thing we moved to the new house.  I went over to get them and was excited to introduce them to our house.  They usually have an adjustment period after a move where they need some alone time.  However, this move was different.  They seemed to know right away we were HOME.  They explored and settled in right away.

 Real life: This move was hard on Olive and it made me so sad.  She's made many moves before and been completely unphased by it all.  This move was confusing for her and it was the first time where I saw her be old enough to feel sentimental about things.  She wasn't sure about leaving her old room and was not thrilled at the idea of graduating to a big girl bed in a new room.  
We had TONS of talks about our new house, new rooms and new arrangement.  We have owned our home and visited it for 4 months, but moving into it was a different story.  The talks seemed to help, but there were tearful moments on all parts when she'd say she missed her old room or that she really just wanted all of her old furniture back in her room.  I hated seeing her sad.  Luckily after about 24 hours she was sold on our new house and said she never wanted to leave.  Good plan :)
We are all happy to be here and still adjusting to life in a new place.  I'm regularly waking up to find a visitor in bed and hoping that each day that passes will make us all more comfortable here.

I've been unpacking like crazy so here a little sneak peek of our progress.

The yellow bar stools are just perfect for the island!!

Curtains have been successfully ordered and hung for our big windows and the cats love watching the squirrels all day long.

Our bonus room was where all of the boxes ended up so I'm slowly digging out of that space.  I'd say I've unpacked about half of the boxes so far which feels like a huge accomplishment.  I'm an unpacking tornado when Fletcher naps every day.

Our toy room is completely unpacked and Olive is back to her art projects.  She was the most excited about being reunited with her books!

 Our family room is coming together so nicely!  I love everything about it!!
I'm excited to style those book shelves and hang some things on the walls.

The kitchen is my second favorite space! 
Loving the yellows, stripes and mix of lots of my favorite decor items.

 It's been super hot all week, but we are enjoying our backyard any chance we get!  Nightly bubble chasing has become our thing.  Our backyard is shady, large and I think we are going to make tons of great memories out there. 

Thanks for reading, thanks for the encouraging messages and comments you've sent about our move and I'm excited to share more about the house as we settle into our new life here.


  1. Oh Whitney! It is coming together so beautifully! I love it so much for you and your family. Sweet Olive! The shots of her laying in bed and then the next where she is sleeping like a little princess - frame those! Such sweet memories! xo - Amanda

  2. This post just made me so happy! I love seeing you guys in your home. It was a wait and a long 4 months I am sure but I bet it all feels so very worth it now! Can't wait to see more photos too. I am loving all of the pops of mustard and color that I see too. I am also glad that Olive adjusted quickly too. I am sure that was hard on a mamas heart.

  3. Beautiful home! Also, Olive in her "Bed" and Fletcher on the counter is just too cute--you have the most precious dolls ever! Adorable :)

  4. It's looking so good!! Ahh I know unpacking in addition to life with two littles had got to be so exhausting, but how fun for a fresh start!! (the worst part for me is the things that don't find a home in the new space.. ugh). Thanks for the pics and updates, keep 'em coming!

  5. Oh I just love it!!! Moving is so exciting! Although unpacking is a lot of work, it is a lot of fun making a house a home. I'm glad Olive is adjusting. The stools look great and you picked a great color for the walls. Smart move getting that playroom set up quickly.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of your kitchen! Was it that color moved in, or did you paint it? If so, I need to know for our renovation!

  7. SO awesome you are all moved in!!! And so amazing you had so much help! I am so glad little Olive has decided she likes the new house!! Changes can be hard sometimes :)

  8. Yay for getting moved so quickly! I totally remember when we moved that Henry was not happy even though we moved into a much bigger better space. I bet she'll adjust well.

  9. I'm sure the kitties are loving those bar stools! They make the perfect little cubby holes for curling up under the counter. Thelma Lou does the same thing with my bar counter. I'm so glad you're getting settled in your new place - loved the sneak peek!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  10. I love this post! Moving is the worst. I'm glad Olive is starting to adjust! And I love how things are coming along!


  11. The house looks just beautiful! I'm so excited for your family of four to create happy memories there!


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