Friday, December 18, 2015


This week was a bit crazy at our house.  We squeezed in some Christmas fun at the beginning of the week at then spent the rest of the week recovering from the stomach flu.  I got it first and then Olive was next.  So much for my avid hand washing, sanitizing skills.  We're hoping that we kept our germs away from Kevin.  I guess there's just some things that can't be avoided.  I am happy to report that we are all feeling much better after several lazy days at home in our pjs and many Hallmark channel Christmas movies.

1. I've been craving white powdered donuts lately so I had a bag on hand.  I wanted to make Olive a fun snowman breakfast without having to really cook.  This donut snowman was the perfect solution.  She loved it and I loved that it required such little effort on my part.  No surprise that she ate all of the chocolate first and then worked her way around to the other things.

2. We took Olive to brunch with Santa and two of his reindeer on Sunday.  
We had a blast and I wrote all about it here.
She snuggled right up to him and had a sweet little chat with the big guy.

3. This book arrived at my house recently and I can't wait to learn all about chalk lettering!  The techniques, tools and fonts are amazing and it really looks pretty doable.  Have any of y'all ever read it before?

4. I had good intentions of making all kinds of fun treats this week - sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, etc - but due to all the sickness I opted out of baking.  No one wants germy treats.  So I had some chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer and added some Christmas sprinkles to the dough before baking.  Voila and Merry Christmas!  Maybe I'll make some welcome back to school treats for Kevin's colleagues in the new year instead??  Sidenote: This has been my go to polish of the season - Sinful Colors You Goji :)

5. We finally found a pediatrician in our new town.  This may not seem highlight worthy to some, but it is a definite highlight for me.  Most local moms I'd talked with did not love their pediatricians here so I was excited to try out one that my OB recommended.  We had a 2.5 year well check and really loved her!  She was very attentive, asked us lots of questions and Olive adored her (learned her name right away and hugged her at the end).  Olive is obsessed with doctors and check ups right now so she was in heaven.  I really did lose some sleep over her not having a doctor yet so this is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Any fun plans for your weekend?
We have big plans to relax, watch Christmas movies, wrap presents and enjoy the last weekend before Christmas.  It seems like next week is going to be busy with family and friends so a low key weekend will be perfect.


  1. That book is awesome awesome awesome! I had NO idea that that existed!! Please share more! I'm a big white donut lover too - that snowman is the cutest! You have the best ideas.

    We are, thankfully, laying LOW this weekend. I feel like we've been out of town every other weekend for a few months. I'm hoping to wrap all the presents, watch a few Christmas movies, and the kids are sleeping in our bedroom this weekend (mini sleepover), as a part of our 12 days of Christmas fun!

  2. Such a busy week, even though you were all sick and recovering. Stomach flu is no fun :( Glad you're all on the mend! I love that snowman donut idea. I'm definitely fitting that in next week. And that chalkboard lettering board looks so good!!! Can't wait to hear what you think of the book. And see some letters. We were last minute thinking of doing a Santa Breakfast next week, but alas, all the tickets are sold out!! So next year... but that picture of Olive and Santa is so sweet! Frame it for sure. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Me and my boys are currently on the mend as well. Hope you all are feeling better!

  4. I always wondered how everyone seemed to have perfect chalkboard penmanship.. now I know! There are instructional books. Genius!!

  5. That snowman is so cute! I hope y'all are feeling better!


  6. Hi. Just found your blog on Stuff & things. Your daughter is adorable. Sorry you had the flu.

  7. I can't wait to see the chalkboard art you do in the new year. You will be able to teach me some things for sure. Sorry y'all have been sick but glad y'all are feeling better. I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. I've read 2 books if that tells you how non productive I've been.

  8. Oh my goodness I need that book and I didn't even know it existed. You HAVE to let me know how you like it. We did donut snowmen too!

  9. That snowman is the cutest and Olive dress - and her cuddling with Santa!! What a cool book. I took a calligraphy class and it changed my life. Turns out, I can sorta copy lettering if I know the trick - but my own handwriting is awful. So I love the idea of a book with different options!


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