Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baby BOY Weeks 21-24

Checking in for one more weekly baby update for 2015 today!

Week 21 – pomegranate – November 30:
I got sick this week with a sore throat and cold like symptoms.  Olive had a cold so we just laid low all week.  We decorated for Christmas, started watching Christmas movies and singing Christmas songs.

My belly is growing and I had my first experience of Olive sitting on my lap and wiggling around because she didn’t have enough room.  Baby boy is kicking more and more during the day and I am starting to bump into things with my belly.

We had a doctor’s visit this week and our big anatomy scan.  Baby is measuring a week ahead, everything looks great and he’s still a boy!  He was much more laid back than his sister, super cooperative and got caught sucking his thumb several times.  My blood pressure is higher than average, but not that high for me.  We are watching it closely and my doctor thinks everything is looking great.  I had my first turtle on their back moment – I had my ultra sound this week and almost had to ask for help sitting up.  Sheesh.  I swear I got winded sitting up.

We picked out our Christmas tree late one evening and Olive loved running through the tree lot.  I was winded.  No surprise there.

Craving: white powdered donuts, hard candy, oranges

Week 22 – papaya – December 7:
Olive and I went on a quick road trip for the day to hang out with my sister and visit my parents.  We squeezed in some fun shopping and a lunch date then headed home.  We bought some clothes for baby boy and had a great time.  He’s moving more and more during the day.

I’m having heart burn which I hope translates into some hair on baby’s head.  It’s worst at night just like with Olive.  My hands seem to be swelling more than they did before.

I am outgrowing shirts right and left.  I’m constantly purging my closet so that the only things that are hanging in my closet are ones that fit.  No need to stare at a bunch of clothes that don’t fit.

Week 23 – grapefruit – December 14:
We visited a new church this week and the kids were doing their Christmas program.  I got teary eyed watching Olive watch them because she was imitating their choreography.  It was so sweet to see her going along with Away in a Manger and Joy to the World.

We also saw Santa this week.  Olive was so excited to see the reindeer and baby brother and I enjoyed the huge buffet of brunch.

I’m getting winded more often and have to stop to catch my breath.  Silly asthma + pregnancy symptoms.  I got the stomach flu this week and was pretty worn out.  I had it twice when I was pregnant with Olive so I knew I had to work hard to stay hydrated.  I managed, but man it was rough.  Olive got sick, too, so that’s never fun for anyone.

Week 24 – ear of corn – December 21:
We headed home for Christmas break with our families this week.  I’m still comfortably traveling and adding in restroom breaks since I’ve got a kicking cantaloupe sitting on my bladder 24/7.  We had a great Christmas – ate lots of food, packed in as many get togethers as possible and baby boy got lots of fun gifts.  It was sweet to see him included in family gift exchanges.

I’m craving sweets and not much meat.  No meat aversions, but I’d rather have carbs, pizza, fruits, sweets and juice.  I’m outgrowing tops regularly and removing them from my closet so I don’t have to dig through clothes that don’t fit to find something to wear.  I’m hot all the time and I’m even freezing out my hot natured hubby. 

I am not one to head to bed early at night, but I have been lately.  It's usually a miracle if I'm in bed by midnight so anything before then is what I consider early :)  I've been skipping an afternoon nap so that I'm really tired when 11:00 rolls around.  My Olive alarm clock usually goes off around 7:30/8:00 so I am enjoying this extra sleep while it lasts.

My feet are swelling if I'm on my feet a lot during the day and I sometimes wake up with numb arms.  Both of which happened when I was pregnant with Olive.

Olive saw Santa at the grocery store and was thrilled.  She even put in a good word for baby brother. 

 I'm enjoying my 25th week of pregnancy this week and time is flying.  Just a few more months to go and baby brother will make his debut!


  1. Love the pictures of Olive with the fruit each week :) We had the stomach flu over here that same week and it was NOT fun at all. Fingers crossed we got it out of our systems for the season! Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Ooo girl I hear you about that heart burn. I never really know if that's what I should call mine though- it'd definitely more acid refluxy- same thing?? All I know is my throat burns and wakes me up the first few hours I'm trying to sleep each night. Ugh. I can't imagine doing the stomach flu pregnant and with a toddler. Bless your heart! Love the Olive pics, that Santa one still cracks me up! YOu look fantastic!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas and its so nice that baby boy was included in the celebrations:)

  4. Pregnancy made me hot all the time, too. Sorry for the swelling! I love Olive with the fruit or veggie each week! SO cute!


  5. You already know how much I enjoy these updates. This is way better than a pregnancy tracker in book form. Such wonderful adorable pictures of Olive. She is really going to make a wonderful big sister. Hopefully, you have gotten the sickness out of the way and can enjoy these next few months of pregnancy.

  6. I've said it before but those veggie fruit pictures are just my favorite. Such a sweet way to make Olive a part of documenting this pregnancy!


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