Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Baby BOY Weeks 17-20

Checking in with my monthly Baby #2 update today!

Week 17 – onion – November 2:
We got to head home for Halloween and tell our family & friends we were having a boy.  It was fun to share our little brother news.  We received our first boy gifts – boy swaddle blankets – and it was so much fun.  Baby loves Halloween candy.

I have a stuffy nose 24/7 which isn’t all that a-typical, but I miss taking sinus medicine.  I also miss sleeping on my belly and sleeping through the night.  Around the clock potty breaks are good prep for life with a newborn. Maybe I could just have him and Olive share the crib and she’d teach him to sleep through the night #dreaming

All smells are super strong to me right now.

I’ve been picking up a few boy things here and there for baby boy.  We are talking about names and we’re getting closer to deciding for sure.  We’ll reveal the name before he’s here just like we did with Olive.

Craving: cake, lemonade

Week 18 – sweet potato – November 9:
Restless sleeping despite being exhausted seems to be my new normal right now.  I’ve been trying to avoid any napping so that I sleep well at night, but I’m just walking around tired.  Good preparation for life with a newborn – no?

Starting to feel baby KICKS instead of flutters this week especially after I eat pecan pie.

My fingernails are growing!  Usually they barely grow so prenatal vitamins help kick them in gear a little bit.

Olive tells me regularly how excited she is to have a baby "brudder".  She loves babies so I’m hoping she will love it when we bring home a baby this Spring.  We are talking up the words gentle, carefully, soft hands and be sweet :)

Craving: Fritos, sweets, pie

Week 19 – mango – November 16:
We had a fun birthday week with family visiting, lots of yummy food and cool weather.  My hips are feeling sore, it’s trickier to get comfy in bed and I wake up multiple times to pee at night.  I’ve started limited my drinks in the evening in hopes of getting more sleep.  I’ve felt some heart burn symptoms this week so I’m trying to avoid any cinnamon because that seems to make it worse.

We got some cute baby boy clothes this week and I started looking for nursery décor.  I think I’ve decided to mix and match things that I love instead of buying a bedding set like I did for Olive.

Baby’s first trip to Chicago happened this week.  I was nervous about having to make a million bathroom stops during the 3.5 hour drive, but managed to be just fine.  We walked everywhere once we got into the city and had a great time.  I bundled us up and enjoyed touring a new city.  My ankles showed their first sign of being swollen after a day on my feet, but they quickly returned to normal the next day.

Craving: twizzlers
Week 20 – cantaloupe – November 23:
Kevin got to feel baby boy kick for the first time last week.  Baby was moving a ton after I laid down for bed and it was fun for Kevin to finally get to feel him.

Happy Thanksgiving week!  We were surrounded by family and friends, ate too much and had a great extended holiday.   It was nice to see everyone and people are saying that I am definitely looking pregnant.  I’m glad that baby boy is growing!  My feet were swollen a few times this week due to being on my feet all day long.  It was a good reminder to sit down throughout the day and put my feet up.

My wedding ring was getting tight so I decided it was time to retire it for now.  I went to take it off and it wouldn’t budge.  I tried all the tricks, googled some options and it wouldn’t budge.  I shed a few tears over the situation and then my jeweler saved the day.  I stopped in when we were home for Thanksgiving and they sawed my ring off.  It sounds traumatic, but they have a very snazzy machine to carefully saw the ring off with zero harm to my finger.  It was a very quick process, he assured me he cuts rings off all the time and he said he’d happily make my ring good as new in a few months.  I was disappointed to have to get it cut off, but my finger felt so much better.  It was a straight cut and then they stretched it to get it off my finger.  I purchased a lovely CZ wedding ring to wear and am enjoying the change.  I wore my ring throughout my entire pregnancy with Olive so I was really surprised that pregnancy #2 didn’t follow suite.

Craving: chocolate, bread and lemonade

I'm enjoying my 21st week of pregnancy now 
and enjoying wearing mostly maternity clothes with stretch waist bands :)


  1. I love these updates! Would you say it's flying by or are you itching for it to be over? Hope we get to see a pic of your faux ring! :)

  2. Sorry sleep isn'g going well for you! You look great! Yay stretchy pants!

  3. Over half way there! So exciting!!! That's crazy that you had to have your ring cut off. I like how you are doing these updates. I like reading about several weeks in one sitting. I am very excited to hear baby boys name.


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