Monday, December 14, 2015

Brunch with Santa 2015

Olive has been talking about Santa for weeks.  She points out Santas, calls all men/strangers with beards Santa and carries our Santa decorations around the house.  I wasn't sure how she'd react to seeing Santa and sitting on his lap this year.  We booked spots to have brunch with Santa and his reindeer at our country club and marked our calendar weeks in advance.

My prediction was that she'd be leery of Santa and fascinated by his reindeer.  
Who am I kidding - I was excited to see those reindeer!!

Christmas 2015

Yesterday we put Olive in her smocked Christmas dress and headed to brunch.  We felt like we were back in the South this year with temps in the 60s all weekend.  On the way there we were talking about Santa and she said I gonna eat Santa and I kiss him!  I think she had chocolate Santas on the brain :)

We opted to see Santa first and then eat brunch.  Smart move since the line wasn't very long at all.  We waited in line and she was thrilled when we got close enough to see the reindeer.  She kept trying to get them to come closer to her and talked about their antlers.  They were pretty impressive!
She picked up handfuls of the hay mixture they were eating to try to get them to come closer.

 Then it was our turn to see the big man himself.
Kevin walked Olive up to him and placed her on his lap. 

She waved to him, chatted with him and seemed pretty mesmerized.
He asked if she'd been good and she said I'm good girl.
He told her he loved her Christmas dress and she said Thank you, Santa.
And then she leaned in for a snuggle.
He was very sweet to her.
 Her first candy cane was devoured.
Mama I lub da candy canes!

 Brunch was delicious.  I may have even had two plates - one for me & one for baby brother :)
She was pleased as punch to chop up her muffins and fruit.

 Last stop was the cookie decorating station.

And that's a Santa Brunch wrap :)

Christmas 2014
(We were on The Polar Express train ride in French Lick, IN
and poor Olive had just burned her hand the day before.)

Christmas 2013
(I highly doubt we will ever top this amazing Santa.  He was so sweet and looked real)

 Have you had any Santa encounters yet this year??
How did they go?


  1. What a sweet little girl! You got some great pictures. I've never seen a Santa display with live reindeer - way to go, Indiana! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  2. Aw she looks so sweet in all of these photos.

  3. We have done the Santa pic this year but ran into another Santa at the mall this past Saturday. He saw him from afar and sounded like Buddy the Elf yelling "Santa" from across the mall. This Santa was giving away sheets of stickers and Jack was impressed. He skipped right past Santa and grabbed his stickers. I got him to sit on Santa's lap this go around but clammed up. He enjoys seeing all the inflatable Santa's in yards. I would have loved to see those reindeer. What a fun event!

  4. She seems a bit uncertain but not worried enough to not cry! Way to go Olive. Connor wasn't a fan last year but loved every moment of Santa this year.

  5. Your girl did so good with Santa!!! My older son did great and was all about "Santa!!! I've been good, I want this and that!" and my younger son is 16 months and our Santa picture also has my husband in it, soothing the tears. :-)

  6. I am loving all these Christmas posts!!! You are giving me ideas on things I need to do and decorating ideas!!! Thank you! :)

  7. What a fun day for Olive!! She did so great with Santa! Olivia keeps saying "I kiss him" when talking about Santa, but if we get near him, she panics. So funny. And now I'm hungry for brunch.

  8. Well it looks like everyone had fun including Santa...Such adorable pictures..Thanks for sharing the wonders of Olive's Christmas...Itis such a joy to be able to enjoy these fun things with you....

  9. She's so adorable!!! These photos are super cute.

  10. These photos are just precious. I love love love how she is snuggled up to Santa. Did your heart burst? :) I can't believe how much she's changed in just a year!

  11. Oh my goodness that is just so sweet. She is gonna be the best big sister ever. I love that they had reindeer, how cool is that.

    She has grown SO much in a year :).


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