Friday, December 18, 2015

2015 Blog in Review

I've started thinking about the highlights of my blogging year as 2015 is coming to a close.  Blogging is one of my very favorite hobbies.  I genuinely look forward to writing every week.  I love taking pictures and I love sharing my life with you.  Thank you for reading along with me.  These are the 5 major blogging highlights I've had this year.

// 1 //
I made a conscious effort to pull out my DSLR more often this year.  I can tell a difference in my pictures and am happy to see my skills improving.  I feel like my posts include better images than in years past and more pinnable, delicious, high quality looking things.  I still have plenty of iphone pictures, but I'm pleased that I have taken the time to document life with my real camera.

// 2 //
I got to participate in fun giveaways with Freshly Picked moccasins, Marley Lilly, book reviews and co-host a weekly Tuesday Talk link up.  I love that blogging has brought new opportunities into my life and challenged me to try new things.  I've enjoyed making connections with new companies and businesses.

// 3 //
I made the decision to cut back on the number of posts I write this year and I am so happy that I did.  I have really enjoyed posting less and making sure my posts have great content.  My focus on quality over quantity has helped me to weed out posts and only blog about the things I'm most interested in.  It's also freed up some time for me to spend with my family and I'm thankful for that.

 // 4 // 
A big reason that I blog is to document our life.  I LOVE looking back over the last 5 years and seeing how much my family has done, changed and grown.  I am not much of a traditional scrapbooker, but blogging has given me a wonderful platform to document and share my family with you.  Thank you for caring, interacting with me and being interested in what we're up to.

// 5 //
I am so very thankful for all of my bloggy friends.  Some of you I've known for years and others just came onto my radar this year.  Thank you for inspiring me!  You bloggy ladies are amazing and I'm so thankful to share this blog life with you.  I've met some of you based on the states we've lived in at the time, others through link ups and some I can't even remember how we connected.  Like I mentioned before, blogging is one of my favorite hobbies and I love interacting with you!!  I'll have to put together a list of fun bloggers for you to check out in the new year.

I can't wait for the 2016 blogging year ahead.
I'm working on some fun new goals that I'll share with you in January.

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. That may have to be my goal for 2016. I am not a photographer that's for sure. I've enjoyed following along with you this past year and looking forward to your new photos of your new little addition soon.

  2. I love looking back at the end of the year-so cool to see how much has changed!

  3. I agree, with Michelle - your pictures are beautiful! It makes me miss using my DSLR!! I'm so glad you're a bloggy friend - I know we'd be real life friends too. Love ya, Whitney! :)

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! Definitely worth busting out the DSLR for. :)

  5. Your pictures are great!! That is one of my blog goals in 2016... did you take a class or just practice more? Any good suggestions? Maybe a post on photo tips for people (like me) who have a nice camera but have no idea how to get a good picture with it. :-)

  6. Yes for better pictures! That's on my list of improvements I want to make for next year! So happy to meet you through blogging!


  7. I love this series! Your photography is gorgeous! And posting less is something I did this year too, kind of by accident, but I'm much happier with less pressure to get 4+ posts up a week.

  8. I'm so glad we connected through blogging! You've inspired me many times with the sweet and creative things you do for your family, and I've loved getting to know you. Can't wait for another year of fun posts from you!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. Your food photos are beautiful! And I love that egg craft you shared! While I increased the amount I post this year, I totally agree that it's all about quality over quantity! Thanks so much for linking up and participating in this series!

  10. Friendships and documenting life are two of my very favorite things about blogging, too! It's been so much more meaningful than I ever thought it would be :) Your pictures are really great, I definitely need to invest in a DSLR this coming year!

  11. My photos really improved the last year too! Hoping to improve more in 2016 as well. So thankful to have met you this year. I know 2016 is going to be a great year for you too!

  12. I love your blog and wish I put just a little more time into mine. The documenting life is the biggest - the little ones grow up so fast and there are a million memories that I never write down. I wish I put more time toward documenting them, and taking good pictures - because I know that will be priceless in a few years when I wonder what happened and how do I have a first grader. :)

  13. i need to take a few tips from you-use my dslr more and focus on quality over quantity-both goals i want to work on for the new year.


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