Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Goodwill Hunting for Kids

Last week I got to spend some time thrifting with my sister.  We hit up our favorite Goodwill and both found GREAT treasures.  Kid's clothes are pricey and add up so quickly so it's exciting to find name brand items for Goodwill prices.

 We had a great time looking through the racks and racks of kids clothing.  Olive would pick up things and say, "It's so pretty Mama!" while I checked sizes.  Then I looked over every item very closely for stains, tears or any flaws.  I rarely buy things that aren't in good condition.  I also bought things off season for Olive to grow into so be open minded when you're thrifting.  It's rare to find the perfect size for that season.  Think ahead and you'll score great deals!

Children's Tops were $2.50
Children's Dresses were $4

 I picked up 7 name brand items for $21!!
*Be sure to shop at Goodwill with cash or debit cards because many times they don't take credit.

Baby Brother: seasonal shirt & Osh Kosh plaids :)

4 dresses - GAP, Old Navy & Carters
One of these dresses would have likely cost about $20 so it was exciting to get all of these items for that much :)

 My sister found great deals on clothes for her kids, herself and TONS of children's books.  We checked out the toys, the books, housewares and the kids clothes sections.  It's important to check back often because they are always putting out new stuff.  And when you wear out your thrifting welcome your toddler starts making this face... haha!  We quickly remedied that scowl with some delicious pizza.

Where do you find great deals on kids clothing?


  1. I've find really great deals using Swap Shop and Garage Sale online Facebook sites. Each town has a site or two set up. People, including myself, post items online that they no longer need and sale them for pretty cheap. It's great to use when you just have a few items to sale and don't want to have a garage sale. These things pop up on my newsfeed so it is easy to shop.

  2. You scored some great finds! I love shopping in Goodwill for furniture items to re-do and crafting items. It's great!

  3. The Goodwill in my hometown is where Target drops off last seasons items that don't sell. I've bought a Champion swimsuit target tag still on it for $4. Shawn White high tops for my son, target tag still on $3. Backpacks and lunch bags, target tag still on.

    Unfortunately the Goodwills where I live now tend to be dingy, badly lit and worst of all they organize clothes by color instead of size. Boo hoo!

  4. I love Goodwill shopping. I often find great things for our boys there, too! Love what you found!


  5. Goodwill for sure.. I got my son a brand name hoodie with the tags still on it for $5 once. They grow so fast and destroy clothes, so it makes so much sense to buy thrift!! I always look at the books too, but more for me since I'm obsessed with reading. :-)

  6. Haha that scowl is so cute. I tend to wait for REALLY cheap clearance racks and stock up for later seasons. I really need to check out our Goodwill soon though!

  7. Goodwill is a great place to find some deals but I find better deals at a local consignment shop. Not kidding you when I say brand name goods for .75 - $2.00!!! For crafting though, I love to hit up GW (which I refer to a GW Boutique LOL!) xo Amanda

  8. I'm totally a bargain hunter and the majority of L's clothes that I buy (a opposed to grandmas and aunts!), come from kid's consignment shops, especially holiday wear that will get such limited use! Nice finds!

  9. These are the best! I wish I went to goodwill more often. I always find some great things! But never take the time.


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