Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Talk: 5 Famous Dinner Guests

If I could have dinner with 5 famous people,
these are the ladies I'd pick.

Taylor Swift
Kate Spade
Laura Bush
Ellen Degeneres
Martha Stewart
*alternate invite* Kate Middleton

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And here's my reasoning...

// Taylor Swift //
She is on top of her game right now.  Her music is amazing and I've been a fan of hers since the beginning.  I love her style, her love for cats and her random acts of kindness.  I hear she puts on a killer concert, although I've never been to one.  I think she'd be a really fun dinner guest and I'd love to hear some funny real life stories from her.  She's always smiling and I'd love to talk relationships with her.

// Kate Spade //
I adore nearly everything Kate Spade makes.  I love their accessories, their home lines and their clothing.  I wish I could have it all.  I'd invite Kate Spade to my house and then ask her to kindly be in charge of bringing some of her gold polka-dotted china for everyone to use.  Maybe she'd even bring 5 purses for us to pick as party favors.  I'd love to know more about her brand, her style inspiration and what family dinners are like with David Spade.  I just recently learned that she is married to David Spade's brother.

// Laura Bush //
She's classy, well spoken and always looks great.  I love her love for teaching, teachers and literacy.  She's a wonderful mom and wife and I'd really like to hear about her life as The First Lady.  I love all things presidential so I'm hoping she'd have some fun white house tales to share with the group.  I'm also curious what she thinks of life as a grandma and what her tips for being a great mom would be.

// Ellen Degeneres //
I find Ellen to be hilarious.  She cracks me up and I love her desire to showcase positive people on her show.  I don't catch her show as often as I used to, but I always watch it with a smile.  I think she'd be quite entertaining doing some dancing and making us all laugh.  I love her giveaways, her pranks and how she thinks little kids are hilarious.  I think I'd really enjoy hearing about good things she does behind the scenes and then ask her if I could have tickets to her show.

// Martha Stewart //
She's so darn crafty and good at everything she does.  She's got product lines at all the major stores and I'll put her in charge of a fun DIY project for the group.  Maybe she'd also bring one of her pretty cake plates for each guest??  I love her home line and always enjoy her magazine.  I never watch her show anymore, but I will always remember the show where she had each audience member bring their cat to sit on their laps for the show.  It was hilarious to see an audience full of people AND cats.  Some were so good, some were wild and others were hiding under their chairs.  I also appreciate that Martha owned up to her mistakes and served time.  I read somewhere that she was really inspiring to the ladies she served time with and taught them all kinds of crafting skills.  I'd love to hear about her life and then ask her about her skin routine.  That lady has some great skin!!

// Kate Middleton //
If one of the above RSVPs no to my dinner, I'd extend an invitation to Princess Kate.  I love her and am so curious about life as a royal.  I'd love to hear about her kids and what they're up to.  Then I'd ask her to give me a sneak peek of her Fall/Winter fashion selections for herself and her kids.  I'd ask her to bring some vintage royal jewels for us all to try on and ask her about the highs and lows of living such a public life.

If I had to pick five famous guys,
they would be Peyton Manning, Jimmy Fallon, Nicholas Sparks,
George W. Bush and Regis Philbin.

Who would YOU invite to dinner?!?!?

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and excited to see who everyone else would love to have dinner with!

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  1. Such a great idea for a post!! I agree with so many of these. I wonder if I would be so starstruck, I'd spill the potatoes on them. LOL Happy Tuesday!!

  2. This is such a fun post! I love your picks, although I'd be terrified to have Martha in my home. She's so perfect and I adore her...but that would be a little intimidating. :) Love your ideas for what they could bring to the party! Paul and I had fun making our dinner invite lists this morning over breakfast. We both chose Jimmy Fallon (who doesn't love him?).


  3. This is a fun question! Hmmm, such tough choices. I guess if I had to pick famous people to invite, I'd choose Dr. Janet Smith, Simcha Fisher, Jennifer Fulwiler, Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest, and Celine Dion. Dr. Smith is such an amazing philospher - I have a million questions I'd want to discuss. Simcha & Jennifer are a hilarious writers with 16 kids between them and I just want to enjoy time with them as moms, trading stories both funny & horrifying. Tieghan is a must invite for her amazing food - how does she think of these things?! Celine - well, I'd love to hear her in person again and sing along so she can *really know* what a beautiful gift her voice is (no doubt when she hears my off-key wailing).

    For the guys - canon lawyer Dr. Edward Peters, seminarian Joe Heshmeyer, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and Cardinal Robert Sarah. The brain power alone in that room would make me swoon and I would be to shy to speak. I'm a bit of a Catholic nerd and these are some of my favorite Catholic guys whose perspective and thoughts I'd love to hear in person.

  4. Oh I love your choices. I would love to get to know Kate Middleton. From "commoner" to Princess. I bet she has some great advice to give!

  5. I love your list. And I would totally join you for dinner. Also, Olivia would insist on coming since T Swift would be there.

  6. Jimmy Fallon - oh for sure! Then I would probably pee my pants because he would have me laughing so hard!

  7. Whitney, thanks for the party and my guests would be Jimmy Fallon, Kate Middleton FOR SURE and Channing Tatum - oooo la la! :)

  8. Oh man, Laura Bush AND Kate Middleton at a party together! Think about all the amazing behind-the-scenes stories from the White House and Palace. I just love Laura Bush. She just seems so sweet, classy, and a delight to talk to! I'd definitely have Martha cater, and I agree - Kate Spade would hopefully bring the adorable place settings!!

  9. Such a fun post! Although I'd have to kick someone else out for Kate Middleton to get first dibs. I read something interesting about her fashion--she buys pieces and then doesn't "debut" them until months later. Also, Kate Spade party favors would be fabulous!!!


  10. I was going to comment that I recently learned Kate and David Spade were in-laws, haha. And love your choices of Laura Bush and Martha Stewart.


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