Friday, September 11, 2015

Random Ramblings

A few confessions to ramble off for you today...

My husband and I took turns being the cashier at our yard sale this summer.  We priced everything in increments of quarters and dollars to make our job easier and faster.  I was helping a lady check out and she realized she didn't have quite enough money in her hand.  She dug down deep into her bra, adjusted a few things and came up with the last few dollars.  I did not want to take her sweaty bra money and tried hard not to make a face at her.  I've heard people reference "boob money" before, but I really had no clue what it was.

Olive is currently refusing to wear shoes and declaring them "Not good."  If I do convince her to wear them she'll pretty quickly beg me to "set her piggies free".  Let's hope this phase wraps up before the snow hits.  I'd also like to apologize to any silent judging I've done in the past to parents who bring their kids out in public without shoes on.  I know pre-kid Whitney would have thought it was ridiculous to have your child barefoot in public.  At least I don't let her run around and make her shoe-less self ride in the cart.  Parenting is no joke, folks.

I buy bananas every week and it seems like they turn brown right away.  I like them on the green side - any tips to keep them greener longer?

I seem to be having a hard time keeping up with my dishes lately.  It's a rarity that my sink is empty.  I don't really have a great excuse other than the fact that I keep putting off this job since our since is extra deep and has two huge sections.  I apologized to my hubby for not keeping up with them better and he quickly let me know that he couldn't care less.  He hadn't even noticed and said I could never do dishes again if I didn't want to.  Isn't it funny 

I called a new pharmacy to have some prescriptions transferred this week.  It was a bit complicated to get my info from MS and have all the right numbers for the process.  I completed my portion and was ready to start Olive's.  The tech asked for my daughter's info.  I said her name is Olive.  Alice?  No, Olive.  Olive, like the olives you eat?  Yes.  That's so cool.  I LOVE olives!  I've never met anyone named Olive. She proceeds to announce to her coworkers that Olive's name is Olive and tells me how cool that is.  Ummmm thank you is all I could think of to say.  We finished our transaction and I just shook my head.

I bought a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread this week and it was amazing.  I toasted it, added a little butter and cinnamon sugar.  It was SO GOOD.  Olive and I both enjoyed this really easy breakfast option.

I don't eat at McDonalds a ton, but I'm really excited that they are going to start serving breakfast all day long.  I love their Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin and Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel.  I'm thinking it would be a fun breakfast for lunch option during the day.  I also think that McDonalds should just close for the day if their ice cream machine is broken.  It's happened to us a few times lately where we stop in at a McDonalds late at night for ice cream and they say their machine is down.  How rude!

One of the back burners on my stove gets REALLY hot when the oven is on.  I forgot this fun fact and laid a ziploc bag on it while I was baking the other day.  I smelled plastic burning mid-baking and realized I'd melted the bag on the burner.  Any ideas how to clean it off??

Is there such a thing as too many good books?  We got Goodnight Ark in the mail this week.  It's a cute goodnight book by Laura Sassi.  It tells the tale of Noah and the pairs of animals on the ark trying to get some sleep.  Noah tucks them in and makes sure that everyone is in their own space.  Storms roll in and the animals all end up in his bed.  He tries to reason with them and then ends up tucking them all into bed in his room.  He lulls them to sleep with a lullaby.  My toddler enjoyed this book and loved naming all of the animals.  I have a feeling this book will quickly find its way into our bedtime book routine.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

I'll never be in the running for Mother of the Year as long as these events keeping happening...

Olive loves Dum-Dums.  She asks for them all day long, but we save them for special occasions or when we are out and about.  I gave in and gave her one a few weeks ago.  She was being so good and quiet.  I got a little concerned so I went looking for her.  She was quietly DIPPING her Dum-Dum in the toilet, swirling it around and popping it INTO HER MOUTH.  She'd say "Mmmmmmm.  Tastes Good!"  I gagged and tried to very sternly tell her that potties are disgusting.  Reminded her we don't play in the potty and tossed her sucker.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing confessions or ramblings to share with me??


  1. OMG, Olive!!! That last story is so funny - so gross but so funny, haha! And I love those loaves of cinnamon swirl bread. I can't buy them because I'll eat 8 pieces in one sitting!

  2. When I started private school in Alabama, one of the schools we looked at had shoes as an optional part of the dress code until third grade. And you might just want to replace the coil on that burner. Even if you clean it well, it might still smell like melted plastic when it gets hot.

  3. Oh toddlers. I am RIGHT there with you, mama. Caleb is constantly giving me a run for my money. He hasn't expressed too much interest in playing around the potty, but the other day, I walked in and he'd unraveled and ripped up an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper and thrown it all over the bathroom. That was fun to clean up, let me tell you.

    I had NO idea that McDonalds was going to be serving breakfast all day soon! Fun!

    And that book looks so cute! I will definitely be adding it to Caleb's wish list!:)

  4. I'm laughing do hard! I can't believe you didn't know what boob money is. . .it's quite common where I'm from (ew). Ditto to McDonald's ice cream. Kane threw a 15 minute fit over shoes this week, but he had to wear them because he was going to daycare. And omg, toilet swirled DumDums.haha You'll have to share that with her husband one day. That book looks great!

  5. The "boob money" thing just kills me. I have ladies do that to me at the high-end home store where I work - not often, but often enough to gross me out. I don't want to touch something that was just...there. Ugh. And your incident with it being hot and sweaty...there's no way I could have kept the disgust off my face! Bless your heart!

    I totally agree with you about McDonalds and their ice cream machines! When I was single, my friends and I often went to concerts on the weekends that ended after most places were closed for the night. We'd find a McDonalds, dying for a sweet treat...only to hear those words..."our machine's broke." No apology, just the fact. It's a crime. :)

  6. While I was in college, I worked at Freds and had lots of experience with boob money. I always kept sanitizer nearby and would make sure to show them that I needed to clean my hands right away after having to handle that money. You know how hot it gets in the summer in Arkansas, and no one wants to touch that mess. Jack is in the complete opposite phase with shoes. He wants to wear his all the time. He also thinks that when you have shoes on that you are going somewhere. Toddlers have it so tough :)

  7. It is funny that boob money is so gross. All money is gross and has been touched and put in places no one wants to know about. Credit cards are best in my opinion! ;-)

  8. Olivia isn't wearing shoes much either! We make her ride in the cart (which is honestly so much easier than wearing shoes and running around). She will put them on for school and such but not errands. I've heard if you separate all the bananas they stay good longer. You have got to try Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Toast. It'll change your life. And I just discovered the magic of dum dums. They take forever to eat so Olivia has so much less sugar than icecream or gummies.


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