Monday, September 28, 2015

I Want to be a Cheerleader

Have you ever wanted to be a cheerleader?
I did in 6th grade.  
I prepared for tryouts, tried out, got so nervous that I forgot my cheer mid cheer 
and wasn't picked for the squad.  Oh well. 
Things worked out just fine for me.

Well, today I still aspire to be a cheerleader 
for my FAMILY.

I want to encourage them and be there to support them in their endeavors.
I want to be the constant reminder that it's okay to try new things,
that we can do hard things together
and that they are smart, capable, sweet people.

I over heard a couple of conversations several months ago 
that made me think how important it is to be a cheerleader for your family.  

Conversation #1
Two women talking at church:
That man needs a doctor!
Don't ask my husband to help, 
he's just a radiologist and wouldn't know the first thing to do for him.
Conversation #2
The pastor's wife was introducing me to herself and said:
You'll never find me addressing the congregation or speaking to large groups, but you can always find me sitting in the first pew silently cheering on my husband in everything he does.  He knows I'm there for him and always here to support him.

What a difference in these two lady's attitudes.

I hope I can always identify with the second conversation.
I want my husband and family to know that:
I'm proud of them
I'm there for them
I want to encourage them with positive words and actions
I appreciate them
I'll help them when things are hard
They can always count on me
and I'll always be their #1 fan.

Who are you cheering for???


  1. Never wanted to be a cheerleader but man I just love this post. To always be supportive and the person that says you can building others up along the way. That is something that I can totally get behind.

  2. I was a cheerleader in middle school....and quite possibly the worst one ever. Haha! I went to such a small school that you didn't have to try out - they took any and all volunteers. :) Love this post - it's so easy to find things we don't like in the people we live with (at least for me) instead of cheering them on and believing the best! Thank you for the reminder!

  3. You are such a great cheerleader for your family! What a great message to remind us all of! You are so true and I'm glad y'all had an amazing time at the game.

  4. I was the cheerleader/motivator for the basketball team. I was always there trying to bring up the spirits of the girls, even though I didn't play much. I wanted to be there for them to help them do better. I hope I can continue that for my boyfriend now cause his life is total chaos now that he has cows to take care of. He's super busy with that, work, and harvest. If there is something small I can do such as the dishes or laundry or clean, I want to help cause that's what we do for those we love.

  5. I love this! I tried out for cheerleading in 6th grade and didn't make the team. So I started playing tennis instead. Dreams crushed. Hahaha. But I love this - I think we can do so much with our words and we tend to take for granted the impact they can have.

  6. What a great reminder!!! It's so easy to get bogged down in the negative. But practicing to cheer on your family on a daily basis can really quickly help to change that negativity into positivity. I need to remember to practice this more often. Such a great post! And I could definitely see you as a cheerleader :) Olive too!!


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