Monday, September 21, 2015

I Couldn't Live Without...

I couldn't live without these four things in the kitchen:

// 1 //
Pretty Plates
My food seems to taste better on them!  My everyday dishes that we've been using for 11 years are white Pfaltzgraff dishes from Target.  I've been collecting fun salad/dessert sized plates that all go together to mix in with our white dishes.  We use these often for snacks and desserts.
// 2 //
Cookie Scoops
I use these for everything - cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, ice cream and have them in several different sizes.  They are so handy and make scooping easy.  My cookies bake better when they are all uniform in size. 

// 3 //
VERY Thin Spatula
This was a wedding gift and I use it every single day.  It doesn't crinkle up hot cookies, it gently slides under anything and perfectly removes it from the pan.  It's almost paper thin, but holds its shape.

// 4 //
My Recipe Box.
My mom surprised me at one of my wedding showers and gave me a box full of my favorite recipes she makes.  There are tons of main courses, side dishes, salads an', d desserts.  I use her handwritten recipes several times a week and would be lost without her recipes.  I've added some of my own favorites to the box, but the majority are moms recipes.

The appliance I couldn't live without...

What are your must have kitchen items????


  1. So glad to be back on to comment occasionally. ..I have never seen one of these little spatulas before. I was reading the recipe for banana bread and it s complete different from mine....I made some yesterday. My neighbor gave me some real ripe bananas which of course are a necessity for good banana bread so I baked a loaf....Enjoy your blog so much......Love Gram

  2. I totally agree on the scoops! I used them for waffles this weekend!

  3. I have a 3 ring binder full of recipes that I've collected and loved over the years. Some our simple ones that I can no make from memory but others I need a list for. I love that your Mom gifted to this you; what a special gift!

  4. I have two cookie scoops and don't even use them. I love kitchen gadgets, but I have a terrible habit of not using them.

  5. Ooohhh I need more cookie scoops. I also have white dishes (from Ikea) I am thinking some pretty Pioneer Woman plates would be the perfect accent pieces to them. And I don't know how I ever lived without my Kitchenaid too. It completes me ;). HA!

  6. I love these things! I have been wanting to do mix and match plates forever! Ok, so I had that same spatula for 14 years and it broke two weeks ago! I am LOST without it! I need another one, bad!!!

  7. I love the cookie scoops! I plan on getting plain white dishes, but there's just something about the cute colored plates! I would love to have hand written recipes. There is just something neat/nostalgic about someone writing down their favorite snacks, foods, desserts.

  8. I never use cookie scoops and I think I should invest. It always takes a lot of eye balling and fixing to make the cookies the same size - but I never think to get a cookie scoop.


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