Friday, November 23, 2012

High Five for Friday

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving filled week this week.
Here were the higlights from mine:

1. Notre Dame is #1 in the country right now.
We just have to take care of USC tomorrow
and then it's on to the national title game!
Go Irish!
on Grace Hall by Matt Cashore

2. I just got my December book club book
and am excited to read it

3. I'm hosting & attending my first Crazy Christmas Sweater Party
in a few weeks for the teachers at my school!
I borrowed an AMAZING sweater from my MIL for the party.

 4. I paid $1.97 for these Equate towelettes and I LOVE them!

5.I'm excited to wear some of my new birthday accessories ASAP!

Low of the week:
The stomach flu attacked my husband and I this week.
We postponed Thanksgiving until this weekend.
Luckily it didn't last too long but being sick is the worst.

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  1. Oh no I hope you both are doing better...the flu is for the birds! And yes the best thing about ND is them being number 1...we are super excited for the USC game and hope the Irish can stomp the Trojans!!! Your dessert peanut butter ball looks amazing!!! I might have to cut the recipe in half so I won't eat it all!! And as ALWAYS your outfit combinations look great! Your so stylish and trendy! Have a great day n continue to feel better!

  2. Oh no!!!! So sorry you guys have the stomach flu. Feel better soon!

    Loving your birthday accessories! :-)


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