Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Claus, IN

Have you ever heard of Santa Claus, IN?
My parents recently bought a cabin there (in Christmas Lake Village).
They remodeled and revamped the whole place.
It has a Christmasy theme :)
It's about 45 minutes from "home" in Indiana.  that has a giant Festival of Lights each year
For the past several years, my parents have mailed my class a letter from Santa Claus.
Each year the post office has a unique stamp (designed by a local high school student) 
for all the mail that comes through their door.
This is the 2011 stamp.
Here is the 2010 stamp:
My class always loves getting mail
especially when it includes little kid pictures of their teacher!
My mom took LOTS of pictures when we were growing up so 
it's really fun to go back and have such good documentation of our great childhood.
Setting:  My siblings and I on our front porch of our house in Newburgh.
My dad made the sleigh behind us.
We are all sporting our favorite Christmas sweaters.
Pets: Snickers the bunny with reindeer antlers
and Smokey the cat with a festive bow.
 Setting: In front of our fireplace at the same house as above.
Pretty snazzy sweaters abound.
Another wooden Santa creation made by dad painted by mom :)
Merry Christmas!

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