Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Card Tradition

Each year we send out Christmas cards with our picture on it.
My mom started doing this when I was little
so when I grew up it seemed that Christmas cards
couldn't be complete without pictures!

Here are the ones we have sent out from the last several years.

 2004 @ BYU
@ Jacque's wedding
 Main Street @ Park City
@ My parent's house
 On top of the Mountain @ Snowbird
Holiday visit to Indianapolis

I always wait for the Thanksgiving special at Sams to print my cards.
Drum Rollllllllllll......
and here is our card for this year:
On our Cruise to Mexico
 Someone decided to "help" me stamp my cards this year...
he walked right through the red stamp pad and across several cards.
So a few special people got some extra kitty love with their card this year.
Merry Christmas!!


  1. I loved your Park City card! Like this years too :) Just mailed ours yesterday!

  2. Looking forward to the card that says "Merry Christmas from Indiana, or Kentucky, or Missouri...." And that will be soon, right?
    Guess who?


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