Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Happy 28th Sis!

My sister and I have some things in common...
we like to take pictures.
 we both married a Kevin.
we are bloggers.
we L.O.V.E to bake.
we both have 2 boy cats.
she loves Shylers just as much as I do.
we both love sparkly rings.
Krista cuts our hair.
we both love cruises.
we were each others maid of honors.

She is unique because...
she is 2 years younger than me.
she lives in Newburgh, IN.
is taller than me.
likes Zebra hot chocolate from Starbucks.
she enjoys fishing.
she likes snow cones.
she is a mom to Hayden & Allie. 
These are some of my recent, fave pictures:

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  1. Aww that was fun :) I like that last pic of me with both kids!


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