Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Reason to LOVE Real Trees

I've mentioned here and here how much I love real Christmas trees.
Let me give you a few more reasons why real is they way to go.

After doing a little trimming, Kevin brought in this pile of pine boughs.
He said, "I thought you could probably do something with these."
 I had this berry basket that had seen better days.
 I had my quality control people look things over :)
Then I pulled out my fall grapevine wreath.
 Removed all the hot glued fall flowers.
 Got out my spool of green wire.
 Pulled out my kitchen shears.
Trimmed off all of the greenery.
Making two piles: Small and Wreath worthy
 I started the wrapping process with my first branch.
Wrapping the wire tightly on it and then wrapping it around the wreath.
 I would wrap 2 or 3 branches and then work in a stem of berries.
I went all the way around the wreath 
and then added a few more in at the end to balance things out a bit.
 I ended up with this much wire left.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way this turned out!
Not too shabby for my first attempt at a pine wreath.
I added a silver J ornament for a personal touch.
 I used the small pieces and some pine cones for this arrangemnt.
Looks great with a sparkly cardinal and a plaid bow on my kitchen counter.
For a total of $40 we got a tree, a wreath and a floral arrangement.


  1. Since I know nothing about real trees this may be a dumb question, but do you have to water your wreath or arrangement? I thought the needles fell off if it was dry.

  2. Both of mine are in places that I don't touch so it's okay if they get a little dry. They still smell great. However, you could easily put a put them into a wreath of vase that could hold water for them to have an even longer lifespan...


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