Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Advent of Activities

Do you use any sort of advent calendar for Christmas?
For the past several years, Kevin and I have been doing an activities advent 
calendar for the whole month of December.
We work together to create a list of 16-20 things we'd like to do 
to celebrate the holiday season together.
We look forward to doing things on our list.
We do as many things as we have time for and don't feel pressure to do everything.
Here's what we have done for the last few years:
 I came across these mittens in the $1.50 bins at Michaels this year.
They were two for $1.50 so pretty affordable.
 Then I wrote out each of our activities on index cards that I cut to fit inside each mitten.
I tacked up a ribbon shaped tree on the wall and then clipped the mittens to them.
 Looking forward to doing our fun activities this month.

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